H21X .325” 1.5mm Full Chisel Chain Saw Chain – Husqvarna


The high quality H21X full chisel chain loop from Husqvarna will cut through the hardest woods in the toughest environments. Producing low vibrations for more accurate and reliable cuts, a H21X is perfect for any professional looking to get excellent results with their chainsaw. We have these chisel chains for sale in several different sizes, to fit onto different bar lengths and provide various drive links amounts.

.325 Inch Chisel Saw Chain for sale

As a full chisel chainsaw chain, the H21X series allows you to cut through hardwood with no trouble at all. These chains provide high performance against all wood types, ensuring you get a fast and powerful cut. It is important to keep in mind that full chisel chains are more prone to kickback than other types, but the H21X has bumpered drive links to help lessen the chance of this happening.

H21X Full Chisel Chain Specifications


  • Pitch: .325”
  • Gauge: 1.5 mm
  • Cutter profile: Chisel
  • Kickback Reduction: Bumper drive link

Available Models

  • 15 in / 38 cm / 64 drive links
  • 16 in / 40 cm / 66 drive links
  • 18 in / 45 cm / 72 drive links
  • 20 in / 50 cm / 80 drive links

Item Numbers

  • 64DL: 501 84 07-64, 5018407-64
  • 66DL: 501 84 07-66, 5018407-66
  • 72 DL: 501 84 07-72, 5018407-72
  • 80DL: 501 84 07-80, 5018407-80

Want to Know More About These Husky Chains?

Still trying to decide whether a H21X is the right fit for you? Our friendly shop staff can give you a hand, if you’d like! Just call 02 6242 8996 and we can tell you more about the H21X, as well as point out other models that might also suit you. If you’re in the Canberra area, we have store in Mitchell where you can swing by, say hi and get an up close look at the best chisel chainsaw chains Mitchell can provide.

If you need your new chains delivered, rest assured that we can get them to you! We don’t just deliver saw chains Canberra wide – we can deliver chain saw chains Australia wide! Whether you’re nearby in Gungahlin, Fyshwick, Belconnen or Tuggeranong, or further out in Perth, Darwin or Adelaide, we can ship your chainsaw chains right to your door.

Not quite what you were on the hunt for? Take a look at our other full chisel saw chains for sale. You may also need a different type of chain entirely – fortunately, we have plenty of chainsaw chains for sale, so you’re sure to find something that perfectly suits your budget and your needs.


15 in / 38 cm / 64 drive links, 16 in / 40 cm / 66 drive links, 18 in / 45 cm / 72 drive links, 20 in / 50 cm / 80 drive links