H25X .325” 1.5mm Micro Chisel Chain Saw Chain – Husqvarna


Looking for a low vibration, high power chain for your chainsaw, that can handle a wide variety of woods with ease? You’re sure to love Husqvarna’s excellent H25X micro chisel chains, which give you fast and clean cuts. We have these micro chisel chainsaw chains for sale in four different sizes, so find the bar length that suits you and enhance your chainsaw cutting today!

.325 Inch Micro Chisel Chainsaw Chains for sale

Because the H25X is a micro chain, it maintains a nice balance between the qualities of full and semi chisel chains. You get more power than a semi chisel, and less kickback and blunting compared to a full chisel saw chain. As a result, you can have the best of both worlds if you are looking for a good all rounder chain. Because of the .325 inch pitch, this chain is best suited for chainsaws with 35cc – 60cc engines. Additionally, the level of kickback is even further reduced thanks to the bumper drive links, helping to ensure your cutting experience is safe and comfortable.

Specs of the H25 Husqvarna Chain Saw Chains


  • Pitch: .325”
  • Gauge: 1.5 mm
  • Cutter profile: Micro chisel
  • PIXEL: No
  • Kickback reduction: Bumper drive link

Available Models

  • 13 in / 33 cm / 56 drive links
  • 15 in / 38 cm / 64 drive links
  • 18 in / 45 cm / 72 drive links
  • 20 in / 50 cm / 80 drive links

Item Numbers

  • 56DL: 501 84 04-56, 5018404-56
  • 64DL: 501 84 04-64, 5018404-64
  • 72DL: 501 84 04-72, 5018404-72
  • 80DL: 501 84 04-80, 5018404-80

Pick Up / Delivery of H25 .325” Micro Chisel Chains

Are you unsure whether an H25 chain is the right fit for your budget or cutting needs? If you call 02 6242 8996 and speak with our helpful shop staff, you can get all the information you need! We can go into greater detail about the H25 series, as well as let you know about other types and models that could work for you. We also have a physical shop in Mitchell, Canberra, so why not stop by if you’re in the area? You can chat with our team in person and get a good look at the best chainsaw chains Canberra can provide.

Have your heart set on this chain but aren’t able to pick it up? That’s not a problem, as we can deliver your micro chisel chain Australia wide! From the local Canberra area, including surrounds like Royalla and Murrumbateman, to anywhere else in the country like Brisbane, Perth or Darwin, we will definitely get you your new, high quality chain saw chains.

Not quite the micro chisel saw chains you wanted to see? Too easy, we have other options back on our micro chisel chainsaw chains for sale page. And if you are looking for a different chain type altogether, we have those available over on the main saw chains for sale page!


13 in / 33 cm / 56 drive links, 15 in / 38 cm / 64 drive links, 16 in / 40 cm / 66 drive links, 18 in / 45 cm / 72 drive links, 20 in / 50 cm / 80 drive links