H64 .404” .063” Micro Chisel Saw Chain – Husqvarna


The H64 micro chisel chain from Husqvarna is a great chain for getting professional cuts in the field. These are great ripping chains that will always make sure you can get the job done. Choose from five different sizes – which fit onto different bar lengths, and have different numbers of drive links – and get the perfect micro chisel chainsaw chain for your particular needs!

.404 Inch Micro Chisel Chain

The H64 series of micro chisel saw chains are perfect if you need lots of aggression in your cut, alongside a lower level of kickback and great performance. With a pitch of .404”, an H64 gives you power and speed all in one, making it well suited for heavy duty jobs. You can easily cut through different types of wood without much stress. Additionally, as a micro chisel chain, your new H64 is incredibly easy to sharpen, ensuring that you can get right back to work and handle anything. The top plate of your H64’s cutters also have a higher tail location, which helps to reduce the amount of kickback you experience while working. As a result, these are safer to use and let you work confidently.

H64 Micro Chisel Chain Specifications


  • Pitch: .404”
  • Gauge: 1.6 mm
  • Cutter profile: Micro chisel
  • PIXEL: No
  • Kickback reduction: High top plate tail location
  • Working corners have a small radius for easier sharpening and faster cuts

Available Models

  • 24 in / 60 cm / 76 drive links
  • 28 in / 70 cm / 84 drive links
  • 30 in / 76 cm / 92 drive links
  • 36 in / 90 cm / 104 drive links
  • 42 in / 105 cm / 124 drive links

Item Numbers

  • 76DL: 501 84 31-76, 5018431-76
  • 84DL: 501 84 31-84, 5018431-84
  • 92DL: 501 84 31-92, 5018431-92
  • 104DL: 501 84 31-04, 5018431-04
  • 124DL: 501 84 31-24, 5018431-24

More Questions About These Husky Micro Chisel Chains?

Still wondering whether your best bet for a micro chain is the H64? We have a knowledgeable customer service team who are only a call away at 02 6242 8996. We can tell you more about the H64 series, as well as highlight some other models that might suit your needs. And if you are in the Canberra area, we have a brick and mortar shop in Mitchell. Pop in, say hi and get an in person look at some of the best chainsaw chains Canberra has to offer!

If you are ready to order your chains but aren’t sure about shipping, not to worry! We are fully equipped to deliver your micro chisel chains Australia wide, from Canberra and Sydney all the way to Perth or Darwin. Of course, this also includes the Canberra surrounds, including Bungendore and Queanbeyan.

Want to see our other available models? Head back to our micro chisel saw chains for sale page and see what else we have to offer. Or, if you’re after a different chain type, check out the main chainsaw chains for sale page!


24 in / 60 cm / 76 drive links, 28 in / 70 cm / 84 drive links, 30 in / 76 cm / 92 drive links, 36 in / 90 cm / 104 drive links, 42 in / 105 cm / 124 drive links