KV Demo Saw Trolley – Husqvarna

The KV Saw Trolley by Husqvarna is a powerful and efficient cutting tool designed specifically for use with Husqvarna’s handheld petrol demo saws. With its intuitive design and quick connections, the KV Saw Trolley makes it easy to install your cutter, adjust the cutting depth, and cut in straight or curved lines. Whether you’re working on roadworks, burying cables, or undertaking any other cutting job, the KV Saw Trolley is the perfect tool to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This accessory is compatible with the K970 and K1270 quick cuts from Husqvarna.

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Quick Cut Saw Trolley Canberra

One of the standout features of the KV Demo Saw Trolley is its quick and easy installation. Thanks to its quick connections, you can easily install your demo saw onto the trolley with minimal fuss, meaning you can start cutting in no time at all. This feature is especially useful if you’re working in a fast-paced environment where time is of the essence.

Another key feature of the KV saw trolley is its track control system. This system enables you to cut in straight or curved lines, close to walls and curbs, thanks to the laterally adjustable wheels. This feature makes it easy to achieve precise cuts with minimal effort, saving you time and energy on the job.

The KV cutting trolley also makes it easy to adjust the cutting depth, thanks to its easy setting of cutting depth feature. This feature facilitates adjustments and returning to the previous setting, ensuring you get consistent results every time. Plus, with the depth limiter feature, you have efficient control of cutting depth, which makes it easy to adjust the tool to suit your specific needs.

KV Trolley Convenience Features

When it comes to transportation, the KV Saw Trolley excels. This cutting trolley is easy to fold, and therefore easy to transport and store. This is especially useful if you need to move between job sites or store your tools in a compact space.

The Husqvarna KV trolley also boasts a water-saving wet cutting kit, along with a water tank, ensuring long operation times without needing to change the nozzles. This feature is incredibly useful when working in a dry or dusty environment where water is at a premium. The water-saving feature helps to reduce your environmental impact and can save you money on water costs in the long run.

Additionally, the KV Saw Trolley is versatile and suitable for a variety of tasks, including asphalt cutting in roadworks, burying all kinds of cables, and more. This means that you can rely on the KV Saw Trolley for all your cutting needs, no matter what industry you work in.


Item Number: 587 76 84‑02, 5877684‑02

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Looking for a demo saw that fits perfectly on the KV trolley? We stock the K970 saw in both 14 inch and 16 inch sizes, as well as the K1270 saw, all of which are compatible with this product. So, whether you’re browsing online or visiting us in person, we have the right tools and accessories to help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.