Measuring Tape with Release Hook – Husqvarna


This high quality tape measure from Husqvarna is the ideal way to get accurate measurements onsite. Just attach the measuring tape to your belt or harness and you’re good to go! This tape includes a release hook for long-distance measurements.

Husqvarna Tape Measure for Sale Canberra

The design of this Husqvarna measuring tape results in it weighing very little for comfort on the job. The tape has markings on both sides for maximum readability, and includes a release hook. By attaching this hook to one end of the area you are measuring, you can get very accurate results. By design, this tape measure is also easy to fix up when needed – it’s simple to change the spring or the tape itself, as well as to tighten it if necessary.

Specs of the Husky Measuring Tape

Available Models

  • 15 m
  • 20 m

Item Numbers

  • 15 m: 586 99 75-01, 5869975-01
  • 20 m: 586 99 75-02, 5869975-02


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15 m, 20 m