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Discover the cutting-edge Husqvarna 430X NERA Automower, your ultimate solution for effortless lawn care. This smart robotic mower navigates complex gardens with ease, ensuring a perfect cut every time. Equipped with advanced object avoidance technology, it operates smoothly in any weather. Control it remotely with your smartphone for a tailor-made mowing schedule. Embrace the future of lawn care with the 430X NERA, where precision meets convenience.

This model is wired only. Husqvarna EPOS Plug-In Kit sold separately for wireless adaptability.

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High Quality Automatic Mower Canberra

The Husqvarna NERA 450X Robotic Mower is the next evolution of lawn maintenance, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design. This high quality robotic lawn mower offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining lawns up to 5000m2, functioning effortlessly 24/7, rain or shine. Its intelligent design ensures a perfect cut every time, navigating through every corner of your garden with unparalleled ease.

One of the standout features of the NERA 450X is its intelligent object avoidance capability. A built-in radar allows the mower to detect and skilfully navigate around obstacles, significantly reducing the likelihood of unplanned stops. This feature incorporates two modes – a detection mode that slows down the mower upon nearing an object, softening any potential impact, and an avoidance mode that prompts the mower to turn away, completely avoiding collisions. This level of sophistication in object detection and avoidance is a testament to Husqvarna’s commitment to providing a stress-free and efficient mowing experience.

For those concerned about security, the GPS theft tracking feature offers peace of mind. You can track your mower’s location in real time and receive notifications on your device, ensuring you always know the whereabouts of your NERA 450X. This feature is particularly useful when it comes to protecting the mower from theft or unauthorised use.

The 450X NERA automatic lawnmower also boasts a systematic passage mowing capability, allowing it to navigate even the narrowest of passages without leaving tracks. This feature, along with the frost guard, which pauses mowing in frosty conditions to protect the lawn, and the Spot cutting mode for mowing specific areas, demonstrates Husqvarna’s attention to the finer details of lawn care.

Additional Features – Husqvarna 450X Nera Mower

The ease of control and monitoring is one area where the NERA 450X Robotic Mower truly excels. Through the Husqvarna Automower Connect app, users gain remote access to the mower, allowing them to change settings, monitor its progress, and receive useful tips and information for optimal lawn care. This app not only enhances user convenience but also transforms lawn maintenance into a hassle-free, automated task.

Moreover, the NERA 450X’s integration with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT (If This, Then That) brings an additional layer of convenience and modernity. This integration allows users to execute voice commands, get updates, and create custom routines, further embedding the mower into the fabric of a smart, connected home.

One advantage of using the 450X automower is the Rewilding Mode, which actively promotes biodiversity by leaving 10% of the lawn unmown. This feature not only enhances the ecological aspect of your garden but also allows for a more natural, varied landscape.

Specifications of the 450X from Husqvarna

Item Number: 970 53 53‑06, 9705353‑06


  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Capacity: 7.5 Ah
  • Charging Current: 7 A
  • Typical Mow Time Per Charge: 145 min
  • Typical Charge Time: 40 min
  • Mean Energy Consumption per Month (Max Usage): 14 kWh


  • Area Capacity: 5,000 m2
  • Boundary Type: Wire
  • Maximum Slope Performance (Boundary): 25 %
  • Maximum Slope Performance (Within Installation): 50 %
  • Maximum Active Time: 24 hours
  • Search System: Pentasearch
  • Follow Guide: 3
  • Automatic Charging System

Cutting System

  • 3 Pivoting Razor Blades
  • Cutting Height (Minimum – Maximum): 20 – 60 mm
  • Cutting Width: 24 cm
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: Electric
  • Skid Plate Included
  • Dual Cutting Direction Included


  • User Interface: Jogwheel, LEDs (Display, Status), App
  • Display: Colour Display TFT 2,8” QVGA
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi
  • Control App: Automower Connect
  • Smart Home Integration: Yes
  • FOTO Firmware Update


  • Weight (No Side Packed Articles): 15 kg
  • Product Size (Length x Width x Height): 75 x 54 x 28 cm


  • Colour: Grey
  • Perceived Sound Level: 58 dB(A)
  • Protection Index (IP Code): IPX5

Safety Features

  • Alarm
  • GeoFence
  • GPS Theft Tracking
  • Lift Sensor
  • Object Detection via Radar Sensor
  • PIN Code
  • Tilt Sensor

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