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Husqvarna’s high quality Elite Ring R20 diamond saw blade is ideal for hard materials and concrete, and is designed to give you a fast cut. With this fantastic diamond blade, you can cut different types of concrete, granite, marble, and other construction materials. This Husky diamond blade comes with its own drive disc and fits onto the K3600 Ring, K970 Ring, and K7000 Ring demo saws. The Elite Ring R20 diamond blade is available in two different sizes with different blade configurations, so you can get the ring saw blade that’s perfect for you!

Husqvarna – Elite Ring R20 Diamond Blade for sale in Australia

The self sharpen segments of these great diamond blades will let you get a good cutting speed right out the gate, regardless of the direction of your blade’s rotation. The segment design also gives you a reduced contact surface when working on concrete.

Both R20 diamond blades are meant for wet use.

Specifications of the Elite Ring R20 Blade

Item numbers:

  • 370 mm blade: 587 02 42-01, 5870242-01
  • 425 mm blade: 593 72 79-01, 5937279-01

370 mm Blade

  • For wet use.
  • Blade diameter: 370mm
  • Blade configuration: Segmented
  • Segment height: 9 mm
  • Segment length: 33 mm
  • Segment width: 4.2 mm
  • Number of Segments: 22

425 mm Blade

  • For wet use.
  • Blade diameter: 425 mm
  • Blade configuration: Wide slots
  • Segment height: 11.5 mm
  • Segment length: 40 mm
  • Segment width: 4.2 mm
  • Number of segments: 22

The Elite-Ring R20 is suitable for any of these three Husqvarna ring saws:

  • K 970 Ring
  • K 3600 Ring
  • K 7000 Ring

All ring saw blades are supplied with a patented drive disc.

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370 mm, 425 mm