Rope Bag for Sale – Husqvarna


Ropes can be tough to store and transport effectively, which is why Husqvarna has come through once again with this excellent arborist rope bag. You can easily close up the cinch top for a secure piece of storage that is sure to keep your ropes safe from moisture and rain, and generally clean. Grab yourself one of these rope bags from Husqvarna and improve the longevity of your ropes.

Rope Carrying Bag Canberra

The Husqvarna rope bag has a carry capacity of 28L. This means that if you’re using, say, half-inch rope, then the bag can contain up to 76 metres of that rope. The amount of rope that you can fit in the bag of course varies depending on the rope’s thickness.

The outside of the bag has daisy chains sewn in, allowing you to hook other objects and tools onto the rope bag for an all in one transport option. The top handles even have a covering that makes them softer to the touch and more comfortable to handle for long periods of time.

Item number: 596 93 63‑11, 5969363‑11


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