S11 HEPA Wet and Dry Vacuum – Husqvarna

The Husqvarna S11 is the perfect cleaning solution for your industrial needs. With its compact and portable design, this wet and dry dust extractor features HEPA filters, automatic filter cleaning, and an auxiliary outlet for hassle-free connection with your power hand tool. Offering excellent mobility and high productivity, the S11 guarantees a clean and safe workspace. Get your hands on the S11 today and discover the ultimate vacuum cleaner for your industrial needs.

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HEPA Dust and Slurry Extractor for Sale

Husqvarna’s S11 is an exceptional wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for all industrial applications. Its H-classified HEPA filters are unparalleled, providing the highest level of filtration available in any vacuum cleaner.

With its innovative automatic filter cleaning system, the Husqvarna S11 guarantees uninterrupted cleaning. The system shakes the filter during operation, ensuring a continuous airflow that maintains maximum efficiency. And with its high productivity features, the dust collector has a constant high airflow, leaving minimum dust on the floor.

The Husqvarna S11’s compact design, low weight and convenient carry handle make it exceptionally easy to transport and handle. Additionally, its auxiliary outlet allows for quick and easy connection to your power hand tools. These features provide excellent mobility, which is a vital requirement for any vacuum cleaner in a busy industrial or commercial setting.

The S11 is designed with both the user and the environment in mind. Its HEPA filters capture even the smallest particles, ensuring that the air in your workspace remains clean and healthy. And its automatic filter cleaning system eliminates the need for manual cleaning, reducing the risk of dust and debris exposure to the user.

Whether you’re cleaning a large industrial workspace or a small commercial shop, the Husqvarna S11’s high productivity and user-friendly features make it the ideal vacuum cleaner for any job. Its compact design and exceptional performance make it the perfect tool for those who need a powerful and efficient cleaning solution.

Specs of the Husky S11 Vacuum


  • Capacity: 25 l
  • Item Number: 970 46 66‑03, 9704666‑03


  • Power Source: Corded


  • Rated Input Power: 1.2 kW
  • Phases: 1 ph
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Rated Current: 65 A
  • Vacuum: 270 mbar


  • Size (Length x Width x Height): 440 x 380 x 530 mm
  • Weight: 16 kg

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