S93G 3/8” LP .050” Semi Chisel Saw Chain – Husqvarna


Husqvarna’s excellent S93G series of semi chisel saw chains – part of their X-Cut series – are ideal for working in narrow areas. With a great sense of precision, and high quality results, these 3/8 inch semi chisel chains get the job done perfectly. You will experience little kickback and smooth performance time and time again, helping you to stay comfortable and efficient onsite. The S93G is available for chainsaw bars between 10 and 16 inches (25 and 40 cm) long, with different amounts of drive links. So, you can be sure to find a semi chisel chain that will perfectly suit your particular chain saw.

3/8 Inch Semi Chisel Chains for sale

With a 3/8” mini pitch and a gauge of 1.3 mm, the S93G chainsaw chain series is perfect for smaller saw models. Thanks to the bumpered drive links, you will experience a reduced level of kickback, making your work safer and more comfortable all around. Because these are semi chisel chains, they dull at a slower rate than other chain types and are easier to sharpen. As a result, you can get much more use out of an S93G chain over a longer period of time.

The X Cut series is the newest in Husqvarna’s innovative and optimised approach to saw chains. These chains include highly optimised cutter design, pre stretching, and improved durability and efficiency. You can’t go wrong with an X Cut saw chain, and the S93G is a great example of what they can do.

Specs for X-CUT S93G Semi Chisel Chains


  • Pitch: 3/8” mini / LP
  • Gauge: .050” / 1.3 mm
  • Cutter profile: semi chisel
  • Kickback reduction: Bumper drive link
  • Guarded drive link

Available Models

  • 10 inch / 25 cm, 40 drive links
  • 12 inch / 30 cm, 45 drive links
  • 14 inch / 35 cm, 52 drive links

Item Numbers

  • 40 DL: 585 40 42‑40, 5854042‑40
  • 45 DL: 585 40 42‑45, 5854042‑45
  • 52 DL: 585 40 42‑52, 5854042‑52

Have More Questions About These Chains?

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10 in / 25 cm / 40 drive links, 12 in / 30 cm / 45 drive links, 14 in / 35 cm / 50 drive links, 14 in / 35 cm / 52 drive links, 16 in / 40 cm / 56 drive links