1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer – Husqvarna


This 1.5 litre handheld sprayer from Husqvarna is perfect if you need to make spot treatments in your garden, on your lawn or around the house. Fill the garden sprayer up with fertiliser, herbicides, or any other liquid you need to efficiently spray, and get to it!

Small Handheld Sprayer Canberra

The Husqvarna 1.5 litre handheld sprayer is easily adjustable via the nozzle, giving you the spray pattern that works best. Choose from mist, cone or stream patterns for your ideal results. Additionally, the pump of this sprayer is built into the handle for ease of use. By design, the dip tube inside the container will use up all of the liquid so you are making the most of every refill.

Speaking of refills, topping up the contents of your Husky handheld sprayer is incredibly easy and safe. As a result of the built-in pressure release valve, you can steadily and safely release the internal pressure before opening it up, ensuring you are protected at all times. This way, using the sprayer is simple, and doesn’t cause you any trouble.

Item Number: 596 76 61-12, 5967661-12


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