SP11G Pixel 1/4″ Mini 1.1 mm Semi Chisel Chain – Husqvarna


The SP11G series of semi chisel chainsaw chains from Husqvarna is perfect for any and all urban tree work. These mini pitch chains are specially designed to prune branches and get precise results. We have the SP11G pixel semi chisel chains for sale in two different sizes, ensuring you can get the perfect chain for all your arborist needs.

Mini Pitch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chains for sale

Using an SP11G semi chisel 1/4″ mini chain, you can perfectly work with branches up to 15 cm in size. Unlike many other chain saw chains, this particular chain series cuts similarly to a scalpel, letting you get the precision you want when pruning. In the SP11G, you get a pixel (narrow kerf) chain for a thinner cut, as well as reduced weight and noise for ease of use and comfort. Whether you decide to use a small petrol saw or a battery chainsaw, the SP11G will get you through the task at hand with perfection. This chain is perfectly suited for Husqvarna’s 1/4″ mini chainsaw bar, both of which are part of their X-PRECISION range.

Specs of Husqvarna SP11G Semi Chisel Chain


  • Pitch: ¼” mini
  • Gauge: 1.1 mm
  • Cutter profile: Semi chisel
  • PIXEL: Yes
  • Kickback reduction: Bumper drive link

Available Models

  • 5 in / 13 cm / 32 drive links
  • 10 in / 25 cm / 60 drive links
  • 12 in / 30 cm / 68 drive links

Item Numbers

  • 32DL: 529 34 06-32, 5293406-32
  • 60DL: 529 34 06-60, 5293406-60
  • 68DL: 529 34 06-68, 5293406-68

More Questions Regarding These Pruning Chainsaw Chains?

If you’re struggling to determine if an SP11G is the right tool for the job, we can give you a hand. Just contact us at 02 6242 8996 to speak with our friendly customer service team. We can go through the SP11G’s features and benefits in more detail so you can make the most informed decision possible. We also have a brick and mortar store in Mitchell, Canberra, so if you’re in the area stop on by! You can speak with our staff in person and get a closer look at the best semi chisel chain saw chains in Canberra.

When you’re ready to order a new chain, rest assured we will get them to you no matter where you are! We can deliver your semi chisel chainsaw chains Australia wide – from Canberra and its surrounds like Queanbeyan, all the way out to areas like Perth and Hobart!

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5 in / 13 cm / 32 drive links, 10 in / 25 cm / 60 drive links, 12 in / 30 cm / 68 drive links