SP21G PIXEL .325” .043” Semi Chisel Chain – Husqvarna


Looking for a narrow kerf chainsaw chain that can give your battery chainsaw the perfect cut? The SP21G Pixel semi chisel chain might be just what you were after! This is a high quality .325” mini chain that gives you smooth cuts time after time, ensuring you can always get the job done in quick, high performance fashion. We now have these high quality SP21G chainsaw chains for sale in a variety of sizes, so that you can always be sure to find the perfect chain for your chainsaw.

Pixel .325” Semi Chisel Saw Chains for sale

The SP21G series of semi chisel chainsaw chains are best suited for full time use battery saws. These chainsaw chains by design will improve your chainsaw’s efficiency as well as its cutting speed, for the highest possible performance in the field. Because this is a semi chisel chain, it is more durable than a full chisel alternative, and has better kickback reduction. They also work well on different wood types, and as a result you can use an SP21G semi chisel saw chain in a wide variety of environments and situations.

This is a pixel chain saw chain, which means it has a narrower kerf than other options on the market. Because of this feature, you get a faster cut than most other semi chisel chains, and you save on power! It is important to note that these chains do require specialised bars, so make sure you have the other equipment necessary to get the job done.

Specifications of the SP21G Pixel Semi Chisel Chain


  • Pitch: .325”
  • Gauge: 1.1 mm // .043”
  • Cutter profile: Semi chisel
  • PIXEL: Yes
  • Kickback reduction: Bumper drive link

Available Models

  • 10 in / 25 cm / 46 drive links
  • 12 in / 30 cm / 51 drive links
  • 14 in / 35 cm / 59 drive links
  • 16 in / 40 cm / 64 drive links

Item Numbers

  • 46DL: 593 91 41-46, 5939141-46
  • 51DL: 593 91 41-51, 5939141-51
  • 59DL: 593 91 41-59, 5939141-59
  • 64DL: 593 91 41-64, 5939141-64

Want to Know More About Husky Pixel Chains?

If you’re not yet sure if one of the SP21G range is the best option for your chainsaw, we can help you out! If you call 02 6242 8996, you can chat with our customer service staff and learn more about the SP21G. We can tell you more about these fantastic narrow kerf semi chisel chains, or direct you to other models that might suit you better.

If you’re in the Canberra area, we also have a shop in Mitchell! Pop in, say hi, and get a good look at the best semi chisel chainsaw chains Canberra can provide.

Ready to make an order and receive your chains? We can deliver your chains Canberra wide, including surrounds like Queanbeyan and Royalla. But that’s not all, because we can in fact deliver semi chisel chainsaw chains Australia wide! So no matter where you are, you know that we can handle it and get your chains to your doorstep.

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10 in / 25 cm / 46 drive links, 12 in / 30 cm / 51 drive links, 14 in / 35 cm / 59 drive links, 16 in / 40 cm / 64 drive links