SP33G Pixel .325” .050” Semi Chisel Saw Chain – Husqvarna


If you are after some powerful chainsaw chains that can meet professional needs each and every day, you’ll love the SP33G series from Husqvarna. These are high quality semi chisel chains with a narrow kerf, giving you faster and more efficient cuts than other semi chisels while maintaining a low kickback. These excellent semi chisel chainsaw chains are available right now in 5 different lengths, allowing you to find one that perfectly suits your bar length and has the drive links you want.

.325” Pitch, 1.5 mm Gauge Semi Chisel Chains Canberra

Featuring an in house design from Husqvarna, the SP33G semi chisel range is the perfect chain saw chain for a wide range of needs. Whether you are working at the professional level on a daily basis, or you have demanding needs in your personal garden and arborist tasks, an SP33G will get through all the hard work. Being a semi chisel chain, the SP33G is more durable and faster than a full chisel chain, and the narrow kerf improves the speed and cut quality even further.

SP33G Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain – Specs


  • Pitch: .325”
  • Gauge: 1.3 mm
  • Cutter profile: Semi chisel
  • PIXEL: Yes
  • Kickback reduction: Bumper drive link

Available Models

  • 13 in / 33 cm / 56 drive links
  • 15 in / 38 cm / 64 drive links
  • 16 in / 40 cm / 66 drive links
  • 18 in / 45 cm / 72 drive links
  • 20 in / 50 cm / 80 drive links

Item Numbers

  • 56DL: 581 64 31-56, 5816431-56
  • 64DL: 581 64 31-64, 5816431-64
  • 66DL: 581 64 31-66, 5816431-66
  • 72DL: 581 64 31-72, 5816431-72
  • 80DL: 581 64 31-80, 5816431-80

Pick Up / Delivery of SP33G Husqvarna Chains

Trying to decide whether the SP33G works for your budget and particular needs? We can help! Ring us up at 02 6242 8996 and you can get all the help and advice you want. We can tell you all about the benefits of these saw chains, and if they’re not quite right we can point out other models that might suit you. And if you’re in the Canberra area, you can swing by our shop in Mitchell to get an up close look at our full range of the best saw chains in Canberra.

If you’re ready to place an order, but can’t pick it up from the shop, don’t worry! We are fully equipped to deliver chainsaw chains Australia wide. Whether you’re nearby in Sydney or Melbourne, or out in Darwin or Hobart, rest assured we’ll get your chains to you.

Not the right semi chisel chain for you? We have others available – just check out our semi chisel saw chains for sale page. And if you need a full chisel, micro chisel, or other type of chain, see what you can find on the main chainsaw chains for sale page.


13 in / 33 cm / 56 drive links, 15 in / 38 cm / 64 drive links, 16 in / 40 cm / 66 drive links, 18 in / 45 cm / 72 drive links, 20 in / 50 cm / 80 drive links