Spire Vent Arborist Helmet – Husqvarna

The Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet from Husqvarna is perfect for professional arborists. This is a safe and secure helmet that is still convenient and comfortable, making sure you’re in good hands while you work. This arborist helmet has a universal design, so anyone can wear it, and you can adjust the wheel ratchet to get the size just right. The Husqvarna arborist helmet is certified for elevated work, so you can operate at heights with no worries! These helmets are ideal for forestry work in no small part thanks to the visor, which is made of harder plastic and is closer to the face – ideal for working up close with chainsaws and chips.

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Helmets for Arborists Canberra

Thanks to the hi vis stickers on this arborist helmet, you’re always visible on the job. The helmet also comes with an attachment loop, found on the chinstrap, so that you can easily attach it to your harness whenever you’re not using it. The four point chinstrap itself uses anti allergic eco leather which is also washable. You can lock or unlock the strap as you need it, and a lateral divider lets you adjust the length with ease.

If you’re after convenience and comfort in your helmet, Husqvarna has you covered. The Spire Vent arborist helmet has plenty of air intakes, which means you get lots of ventilation and can stay cool at all times. Additionally, the included forehead pad uses a moisture transporting, quick drying fabric so that you’re always comfortable.

In addition to all these wonderful features of the Husqvarna arborist helmet, you can attach various accessories to get even better results in the field. You can attach a spacer for even more comfort, hearing protectors, and various visors (all sold separately). So not only is the helmet great on its own, but with these handy attachments you can customise your helmet to best suit your needs.

Specs of the Spire Vent Arborist Helmet

Compatible Accessories

  • Extra Comfort Spacer
  • Hearing Protectors (H200, Alveo)
  • Spire Vent Arborist Visor (Clear)
  • Spire Vent Arborist Visor (Mirror)
  • Spire Vent Arborist Visor (Tinted)

Item number: 597 68 18-01, 5976818-01


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