Spray Can Holder – Husqvarna


When you’re out and about on a worksite, you might need a spray can to mark different areas and points of interest. In those times, it can be inconvenient having to carry the can around between locations, tying up a hand. That’s why this spray can holder from Husqvarna can be a great investment, letting you work while keeping your spray can close at hand. Just attach it to your toolbelt, and off you go!

Carrier for Spray Cans Canberra

This holder is designed to keep the spray can securely in place, so you never have to worry about it falling away and getting damaged. The design will also let you easily retrieve the can whenever you need it. Because of these design decisions, the usefulness of your spray can is never compromised – it just makes your worktime more efficient and simpler. What more could you ask for?

Item number: 593 83 95-01, 5938395-01


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