Tape Measure Holder – Husqvarna


If you’re ever in need of getting accurate measurements onsite, having the right tape for the job can be a bit inconvenient. A metal tape measure can be bulky and awkward to bring around with you, and loose plastic measuring tape can get tangled. Fortunately, all of these annoyances are things of the past with Husqvarna’s convenient tape measure holder. This is a handy accessory that slots onto your Husqvarna toolbelt, giving you quick access to your tape measure. Just loop your tape through the eyelets to keep it secure and tidy.

Holster for Measuring Tape Canberra

In construction, forestry, and plenty of other trades, a tape measure can be an incredibly helpful tool at all the right times. Whipping out some measuring tape to get the perfect dimensions of a cut or other boundaries is a necessary step before getting stuck into it, so you want to make sure you always have access to your tape. With the Husqvarna tape measure holster, your measuring tape is always close at hand, and always easy to get out or store away.

Item number: 5938391‑01


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