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Elevate your lawn care routine with the TC114 Ride On Lawnmower, a fusion of comfort and precision. Designed for maximum ease, its ergonomic controls and adjustable seat ensure a comfortable ride, while the spring-assisted cutting deck guarantees flawless results. Tackle any task effortlessly with its towing hook and compact design. Experience the power of Husqvarna quality and take command of your lawn with the TC114 today!

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Husqvarna Garden Tractor Canberra

The TC114 Ride On Lawnmower is a steadfast and efficient garden tractor designed to elevate every mowing session. Say goodbye to the strains of mowing, thanks to the TC114’s ingeniously designed features that prioritize your comfort. The easy-to-reach levers and intuitively placed side-by-side pedals ensure that you can effortlessly manoeuvre the mower with precision and ease. Picture yourself gliding across your lawn with the spring-assisted cutting deck, which guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride while ensuring a flawlessly even cut. The TC 114 lawn tractor has an adjustable driver seat for a personalised touch, allowing you to tailor your mowing experience to your liking. Just adjust the seat position at your convenience, and settle into an ergonomic driving position that lets you tackle your lawn with confidence.

The TC114 rider mower boasts a whopping 250L bagging capacity. This enables you to mow for extended periods without constantly emptying the collection bag – you can spend more time mowing, and less time disposing of clippings. With the collector, you can bid farewell to grass clippings cluttering your yard. Experience the satisfaction of a clean, pristine lawn that’s ready to showcase. Moreover, the lever-mounted cutting height adjustment allows for seamless customization, ensuring that your lawn gets the precise attention it deserves.

Renowned for its quality and durability, the TC114 embodies the Husqvarna legacy of delivering outstanding results. This garden tractor has been meticulously designed to enhance ease of use and maintenance, ensuring that your mowing experience remains seamless and hassle-free. The dual headlights at the front illuminate your path, enabling you to work well into the evening, while the hour meter keeps you informed about service and maintenance intervals, guaranteeing your mower’s peak performance over time.

Convenient Features of Husqvarna TC114 Riding Mower

Experience the convenience of a compact design that effortlessly navigates through narrow passages and ensures hassle-free storage. When your mowing session is complete, the TC114’s compact dimensions make storing a breeze. With limited space required, you can park your mower without fuss, ensuring your yard remains neat and organized.

The TC114 empowers you with unparalleled control over your mowing journey. With pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, you can effortlessly control your speed and direction, allowing for precise manoeuvres and a superior mowing experience. The intuitive dual pedal drive, complete with separate pedals for forward and reverse, ensures that you maintain optimal control throughout your mowing session.

Equipped with anti-scalp wheels, the TC114’s cutting deck ensures an even cut, even on uneven terrain. No more worries about scalping your lawn – these wheels effectively reduce the risk, leaving you with a lush and perfectly manicured lawn. The spring-assisted height adjustment further elevates your cutting game, making it a breeze to achieve your desired lawn height.

No matter the weather conditions, the TC114 ensures a hassle-free start with its turn-key ignition system. Say goodbye to traditional choking methods – simply turn the key and get ready to embark on your mowing journey. The electric engagement of cutting blades is equally effortless – a simple switch on the control panel is all it takes to set the blades in motion.

To further enhance your TC114’s capabilities, it comes with an included towing hook, which opens up a world of possibilities for rear attachments. From garden carts to trailers, the TC114 is your versatile partner in tackling a variety of outdoor tasks.

Husky TC 114 Lawn Tractor Specs

Item Number: 970 62 23‑01, 9706223‑01

Cutting Deck

  • Width: 95 cm
  • Maximum Height: 100 mm
  • Minimum Height: 25 mm
  • 2 Anti Scalp Wheels


  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna
  • Name: HS 452AE
  • Cylinder Displacement: 452 cm3
  • Net Power at Preset RPM: 9 kW / 2,800 rpm
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Generator: 12 A
  • Power / Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Oil Filter: Yes

Drive System

  • Method: Dual Pedal Operation
  • Maximum Speed (Forward): 9 km / h
  • Maximum Speed (Reverse): 5 km / h


  • Exhaust Emissions (CO2 EU V): 754 g / kWh


  • Manufacturer: Hydro Gear
  • Type: Hydrostatic

Noise and Sound

  • Guaranteed Sound Power Level (LWA): 97.6 dB(A)
  • Operator Ears Sound Pressure Level: 83.4 dB(A)


  • PU (Polyurethane) Seat Material
  • Digital Hour Meter
  • Medium Height Seat Back
  • Ergonomic Steering Wheel
  • Collector Included

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