Technical Gloves with Saw Protection – Husqvarna


If you’re working with chainsaws, you definitely want to get yourself a pair of these gloves with saw protection. The technical saw gloves have a protection class 1 (20 m / s) rating to help protect your hands from chain saw blades and teeth, keeping you safe on the job. Each glove uses goat leather in the palm for durability, and laminated spandex in the back for comfort. We have these Husqvarna chainsaw gloves for sale in sizes 8, 9 and 10.

Cut Resistant Technical Gloves

The technical gloves with saw protection use double crust goat leather in each palm, which is both durable and water resistant. Keeping away moisture makes your work experience simpler, and the tough leather also gives the gloves a lot of longevity. There are also high quality double thumb stitches in the seams which follow the hand shape, providing a better fit and adding even more comfort.

These saw protective gloves also have a hook and loop system for closure, so that you can tightly secure them at the wrists without giving up any mobility. Husqvarna’s technical gloves with saw protection let you move as normal while protecting yourself. And if you need to access your phone while on the job, you don’t need to take off the gloves – just use the touch screen friendly knuckle found on the index finger!

Husky Technical Gloves with Saw Protection – Specs


  • Approved According to EN ISO 11393 and EN 388
  • Protection Class: 1 (20 m /s)
  • Regular fit
  • Saw protection
  • Hook & Loop
  • Sizes 8-10

Item numbers

  • 8: 599 65 12-08, 5996512-08
  • 9: 599 65 12-09, 5996512-09
  • 10: 599 65 12-10, 5996512-10


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8, 9, 10