Toy Leaf Blower for Sale – Husqvarna


This toy leaf blower is perfect for 3 years olds and up, and if you’ve already got a real 125B leaf blower this toy looks just like it! When you start the toy leaf blower, the engine will light up and you’ll hear realistic sounds. Husqvarna’s leaf blower toy is a fantastic little gadget that really works, letting your kids give you a hand around the yard! You can instantly switch on the Husqvarna toy blower as it already has batteries.

Leaf Blower Toy Canberra

Maybe the best thing about Husqvarna’s toy leaf blower is that when you pull the trigger, air really blows! You can even see it blowing thanks to the green streamers attached to the nozzle. This adds tons of excitement and realism to the toy, making it that much more fun.

The toy leaf blower is designed to look just like the Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower, so if you have one around the house you and your child can match!


Item Number: 5864980-01, 586 49 80-01

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