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Experience lawn care mastery with the TS112 Ride-On Mower from Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers. Effortlessly navigate tight spaces with its compact design, while the hydrostatic transmission ensures precise control. Achieve flawless cutting results with the 95cm side discharge cutting deck and anti-scalp wheels. Enjoy the ease of ergonomic operation, turn-key start, and versatile attachments. Elevate your lawn care game today!

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Powerful Garden Tractor Canberra

The TS112 garden tractor has a compact design that ensures seamless manoeuvrability. This design allows you to effortlessly weave through tight spots and intricate pathways with precision. Even when not in use, the compact form guarantees effortless storage, making it an ideal choice for homeowners with limited storage space.

Say goodbye to hassle and frustration with the intuitive operation of the TS112 lawn tractor. The strategically placed easy-access levers and side-by-side pedal configuration provide a mowing experience that’s as effortless as it is enjoyable. What’s more, the TS 112 ride on mower also has pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, granting you complete control over speed and direction, and enabling smooth and precise movements across your lawn. The separate pedals for forward and reverse motions ensure seamless transitions, allowing you to mow with confidence.

Your comfort matters, and the TS112 garden tractor ensures you have an ergonomic and enjoyable driving experience. This rider mower’s adjustable driver seat offers personalized comfort, while the generous legroom and ergonomic driving position keep fatigue at bay, even during extended mowing sessions. The lever mounted cutting height adjustment puts control at your fingertips, enhancing ergonomics and ease of use.

One of the most important factors of any mower is the cutting capacity, and the TS112 riding mower doesn’t disappoint there either. Equipped with a 95 cm side discharge cutting deck, the TS112 Ride On Mower guarantees a flawless cutting performance. The anti-scalp wheels integrated into the cutting deck minimize the risk of scalping, ensuring an even and professional-looking lawn, even on uneven terrain. The spring-assisted height adjustment feature simplifies deck operation, allowing you to effortlessly tailor the cutting height to your preferences.

More Features of the Husqvarna TS 112 Garden Tractor

When you invest in the TS112, you’re investing in signature Husqvarna quality and durability. This garden tractor is built to last, with a robust construction that can withstand the demands of regular lawn maintenance. The hour meter is a valuable tool that helps you keep track of service and maintenance intervals, ensuring your TS112 remains in peak condition season after season.

The TS 112 also comes with dual headlights at the front, guaranteeing enhanced visibility during mowing sessions at any time, day or night. The ROS (Reverse Operating System) start key provides safe and convenient access to the mow-in-reverse functionality, giving you full control over your mowing experience. Additionally, the manual blade engagement lever simplifies the process of engaging the cutting deck, making every mowing session a breeze.

This high quality riding lawn mower also has a turn key start that eliminates the need for choking. This allows you to start the engine swiftly and effortlessly, regardless of the weather. Just turn the key and go, ensuring a hassle-free start every time.

The TS112 isn’t just limited to mowing. With the included towing hook, you can easily attach a range of rear accessories, expanding the functionality of your garden tractor. Whether you need to tow a cart, spreader, or other attachments, the TS112 garden tractor is ready to adapt to your needs.

Specifications of TS112 from Husky

Item Number: 970 62 24‑01, 9706224‑01

Cutting Deck

  • Cutting Width: 95 cm / 37 inch
  • Cutting Height (Min – Max): 25 – 100 mm
  • Anti Scalp Wheels: 2


  • Exhaust Emissions (CO2 EU V): 773 g/ kWh

Drive System

  • Dual Pedal Operation
  • Speed Forward (Maximum): 9 km / h
  • Speed Reverse (Maximum): 5 km / h


  • Cylinder Displacement: 413 cm3
  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna
  • Model Name: HS 413AE
  • Net Power at Preset RPM: 8 kW / 2,800 rpm
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Generator: 12 A
  • Power / Fuel Type: Petrol


  • Seat Material: PU
  • Hour Meter Type: Digital
  • Seat Back Height: Medium
  • Steering Wheel Type: Ergonomic


  • Type: Hydrostatic
  • Manufacturer: Hydro-Gear

Sound / Noise

  • Sound Power Level (Guaranteed, LWA): 97.2 dB(A)
  • Sound Pressure Level for Ear of Operator: 83 dB(A)

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