Wedge Pocket for Sale – Husqvarna


When it comes to cutting and felling trees, a wedge can be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. Because of their shape, it can sometimes be awkward trying to carry a wedge and find the right spot to place them in. This makes Husqvarna’s wedge pocket a great accessory to have, because it lets you easily store your wedges on your toolbelt.

Tree Wedge Carrier

With a wedge pocket at your side, you can keep multiple wedges close at hand and pick the best one for any given task. A wedge can be great for felling trees because it lets you nudge the tree to fall in your desired direction, and it can also help prevent the tree from pinching the bar of your chainsaw as you make the cut. So, being able to get the perfect wedge at all times, and having your options right in front of you, is a huge boon when you’re hard at work.

Item number: 593 83 88‑01, 5938388‑01


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