Jumbo Utility Brush – Kraft


The Jumbo Utility Brush from Kraft is extremely versatile thanks to its white Tampico fibres, which you can use on surfaces like stone, tile, brick, and masonry. Its handle is long enough for you to comfortably grip it during work, while maintaining a safe distance between the surface or material and your hands. With this handy brush, you can work with a slew of materials and liquids with confidence and care.

Kraft Jumbo Utility Brushes for sale in Canberra

Soft to medium Tampico fibre brush with 5 rows of bristles and a red handle.

  • Suited for work on materials like concrete, asphalt, masonry, stone
  • Fibres are designed to resist not just heat but also alkali and acid
  • Fibres are porous for water retention when cleaning or applying materials
  • Handle length provides good grip and distance from materials
  • Easy to store and dry with hang hole

Item Number: BL526