K 760 Cut-n-Break Power Cutter – Husqvarna

Husqvarna’s Cut-n-Break method is the natural choice when you need to cut deep at low maintenance costs. The K 760 Cut-n-Break enables you to cut as deep as 400 mm from one side.

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Husqvarna K 760 Cut-n-Break Power Cutter for sale

The two high-speed blades make a core in the saw cut, which can then easily be broken off using the accompanying breaking tool. This way you easily work your way through the material, at a very low diamond tool and maintenance cost. Delivered with twin blades and a breaking tool.

Specifications of the K 760 Cut n Break from Husqvarna

  • Power output 3.7kW
  • Blade diameter: 230 mm
  • Depth of cut max: 400 mm

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Also known as: Powercutter – Demo Saw – Demolition Saw – Quick Cut – Cutoff Saw – Chop Saw – Abrasive Saw – Cut-n-Break