K 970 Ring Saw Power Cutter – Husqvarna

The Husqvarna K 970 Ring makes deep cuts fast with a cutting depth of 270 mm, twice the amount of a traditional power cutter. It is the quickest method for small and medium-sized cuts, as no time is lost on installing rails.

Price on Application. Contact us or 02 6242 8996 for a package deal with a quality diamond blade.

K 970 Ring Saw Power Cutter from Husqvarna in Canberra

This saw is light and compact, while still being a sturdy and reliable tool thanks to its built-in anti-vibration system. It’s also easy to start, and easy to maintain, with its digital ignition system and maintenance-free air filter.

Specifications of Husqvarna’s K970 Ring Saw for sale

  • Power output: 4.8kW
  • Blade diameter: 370 mm
  • Depth of cut max: 270 mm

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Watch this Video of the power cutter in action!

Also known as: Powercutter – Demo Saw – Demolition Saw – Quick Cut – Cut off Saw – Chop Saw – Abrasive Saw – Ring Saw