K1620 Spring Mount Drive Unit – Master Finish

This Drive Unit from Masterfinish is well suited to drive most pumps and flexible vibrations shafts. Masterfinish’s K1620 drive unit features a heavy duty steel frame and 3 tooth drive dog, plus a spring mount, for extra durability. You’ll also find more on site mobility thanks to the unit’s dished steel base, and power from the genuine Honda GX200 4-stroke engine.

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MasterFinish K1620 Spring Mount Drive Units in Canberra

The MasterFinish K1620 is a high-performance unit designed to meet the demanding needs of construction and industrial applications. It features a robust dished steel base, ensuring easy mobility and stability during operation. The inclusion of spring-mounted engine isolation vibrators significantly reduces vibration, enhancing operator comfort and extending the machine’s lifespan.

This Drive Unit from MasterFinish is particularly well-suited to drive most pumps and flexible vibration shafts. Its heavy-duty steel frame and 3-tooth drive dog contribute to its durability, making it a reliable choice for various tasks on-site.


  • Engine: Honda GX200 4-stroke petrol motor
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Speed: 3000rpm
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame: Ensures long-lasting durability and resilience under demanding conditions.
  • 3-Tooth Drive Dog: Provides a robust connection for driving various attachments.
  • Spring Mount: Enhances durability and reduces operational vibrations, contributing to operator comfort.
  • Dished Steel Base: Improves on-site mobility, making it easier to manoeuvre the unit as needed.

The MasterFinish K1620 is ideal for those looking for a dependable and mobile solution for their construction needs. For more information or to inquire about purchasing, please contact us via email or phone.

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