Kerb and Gutter Coving Trowel – MasterFinish


This special Coving Trowel from Masterfinish is perfectly shaped to finish any coving necessary in Kerb and Gutter, with a radius of 25 mm. With the trowel’s strong steel blade and textured finish, you can get the perfect look to your setting concrete in no time!

Kerb and Gutter Coving Trowel from MasterFinish

The MasterFinish Kerb Gutter Trowel is crafted with the finest materials and is engineered to meet the highest standards. It boasts a steel blade that has been meticulously shaped to flawlessly complete coving in kerb and gutter structures. With a 25 mm radius, this trowel ensures that your coving work is smooth, consistent, and meets the desired specifications.

A coving trowel moulds and shapes the curves and transitions between surfaces, particularly in kerb and gutter installations. The unique curvature of the steel blade allows for precise manipulation of the concrete. Because of this, you can create smooth and rounded edges that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure. This high quality coving trowel empowers you to achieve a professional-grade finish without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Experience the joy of working with a tool that seamlessly combines ergonomic design, durability, and exceptional performance. The MasterFinish Kerb Coving Trowel not only guarantees outstanding results but also significantly reduces fatigue during extended usage, thanks to its thoughtfully designed handle that provides a comfortable grip and optimal control.

With the MasterFinish Gutter and Kerb Trowel in your toolkit, you can confidently tackle kerb and gutter projects of varying scales, knowing that you have the perfect tool to achieve impeccable coving that enhances the visual appeal and longevity of your work. Whether you’re a skilled tradesperson in search of the best equipment or a DIY enthusiast aiming for professional outcomes, this trowel is the embodiment of precision and quality in concrete finishing. Elevate your projects with the Coving Trowel from MasterFinish and enjoy the satisfaction of perfect coving results every time.

Item Number: KGC

Made in Australia


Also known as Cove Trowels