KN95 Mask ≥ 95% Filter Performance – 10 Pack – In Stock


A KN95 mask is a type of respirator that provides a tight seal around your nose and mouth so that all the air you breath comes through the mask filtration system. In this way it offers more protection than a standard loose fitting mask because air can not bypass the mask filters.

With a convenient flat fold design, the Kn95 mask is easy to store for when you need to use it.

Complying to standard GB2626-2006


Application for KN95 Masks:

Suitable for a wide range of industries. Ideal for use against particulates generated through sanding, dusting, grinding or combustion and low toxicity mists that do not produce harmful gases or vapours.

Lightweight construction for added comfort that may increase wearer time.

KN95 Mask Design Features

The KN95 mask standard means that these respirators have a ≥ 95% efficacy in capturing droplets and viral aerosols for particles  0.3 microns. KN95 masks fit better over the mouth and nose, not leaving any large gaps, so air can not bypass the filter system.  This means that on the whole, droplets and particles from the surrounding air cannot be breathed in, and and that droplets from the wearer can not escape.

– This Respirator features an adjustable nose piece for secure seal to reduce leakage risk.

– Earloop straps for convenience with staple-free attachment

– Low resistance to air flow particulate filter fabric for easy breathing and effective filtration.

– Disposable.

– For industrial or public use


  • Tested against KN95 against GB2626-2006

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