Kress Battery Chainsaw – 60V, 35 cm

Discover the power and precision of the Kress Battery Chainsaw, newly available at Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers! Boasting a high-performance brushless motor, this chainsaw rivals petrol models in efficiency and power. Its 22 m/s high-speed chain ensures swift, smooth cuts. Enjoy the ease of a patented tool-less chain tensioning system and stay safe with the dual brake system. Ergonomically designed for comfortable use, it’s compatible with Kress 60 V batteries, making it a versatile choice for all your cutting needs.

NOTE: This product is Machine Unit Only (MUO); battery sold separately.

RRP: $359. Contact us on 02 6242 8996 to discuss and/or purchase this item or to get a delivery quote.

Brushless Cordless Chainsaw in Canberra

The Kress Battery Chainsaw features a remarkable 22 m/s high-speed chain. This aspect is crucial for anyone looking for efficiency and speed in their cutting tasks. The faster chain speed doesn’t just mean quicker cutting; it translates to a smoother, more seamless cutting experience. You’ll notice the difference when slicing through materials – it’s fast, it’s smooth, and it’s incredibly efficient.

Another excellent quality of this brushless chainsaw is its high-performance brushless motor, stands out as a cutting-edge tool in the realm of efficient and powerful outdoor equipment. This brushless motor technology is a significant leap from traditional brushed motors, as it harnesses battery power to its fullest potential, ensuring top-notch energy efficiency. The result? A new level of battery chainsaw performance that rivals the output of its petrol equivalents.

Adding to this chainsaw is Kress’ patented tool-less chain tensioning system, taking convenience to the next level. The ability to adjust chain tension without getting out other tools is a great time-saver. But that’s not all – it also ensures that your chainsaw is always in the best condition for any task, eliminating the hassle of traditional tensioning methods.

Another aspect that enhances the chainsaw’s performance is the automatic continuous chain lubrication. This feature ensures that the chain is always lubricated during operation, which not only makes cutting smoother but also extends the life of the chain. It’s a small detail that has a big impact on the overall efficiency and longevity of the tool.

Safety and Convenience Features of Kress Battery Chain Saw

Safety is paramount when it comes to powerful tools like chainsaws, which is why the Kress Battery Chainsaw includes a dual brake system. This system ensures you can immediately engage the chain brake in unexpected situations, minimising the chance of accidents. With this design inclusion, you can get more peace of mind in knowing your safety is a top priority at all times.

For improved user comfort, take advantage of this battery chainsaw’s ergonomic grip handle. It’s crafted to provide comfort and better control, which is crucial when handling a tool of this calibre. A comfortable grip reduces fatigue, allows for more precise control, and ultimately leads to better results and a more enjoyable experience.

Specs – Cordless Chain Saw from Kress

Item Number: KG367E.9


  • Brushless Motor


  • Voltage: 60 V
  • Lithium-Ion battery


  • Chain Pitch: 3 / 8
  • Chain Speed: 22 m / s
  • Number of Chain Drive Links: 52
  • Chain Gauge: 1.1 mm
  • Bar Length: 35 cm


  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Oil Tank Volume: 190 ml

Pickup and Delivery of the Kress Battery Saw in Canberra

Looking for a top-tier chainsaw that delivers exceptional performance? Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers proudly presents the Kress Battery Chainsaw, a stellar addition to our lineup of high-quality tools. To discover more about the Kress Battery Chainsaw’s capabilities, feel free to reach out to us at 02 6242 8996. Our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to provide you with detailed information and answer any questions you might have.

If you’re around Canberra, why not visit our store in Mitchell? Here, you can experience the Kress Battery Chainsaw up close and get a sense of its abilities for yourself. Our expert staff will guide you through its features and advantages, helping you hunt down the best battery chainsaw for your requirements.

In addition to instore pickup, we offer prompt delivery of the Kress Battery Chainsaw Canberra wide. Whether you’re nearby in Gungahlin or Belconnen, southward in Fyshwick, Woden or Tuggeranong, or even in a surrounding area like Royalla or Jerrabomberra – we can help you out! With a simple email or phone call, you can connect with us and promptly receive a delivery quote for your new brushless chainsaw.

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