Kress Brushless Hedge Trimmer – 60V, 64 cm

Discover the Kress Brushless Hedge Trimmer for sale in Canberra! This advanced trimmer features a high-performance brushless motor, delivering petrol-like power without the hassle. Ergonomically designed with a multi-angle handle for comfort and a blade-tip guard for safety, it’s powered by a versatile 60 V battery. It’s perfect for professionals and home gardeners alike, so why wait? Elevate your trimming experience today!

NOTE: This product is Machine Unit Only (MUO); battery sold separately.

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Brushless Hedge Cutter for Sale

The Kress Brushless Hedge Trimmer, featuring an advanced brushless motor, stands out as a remarkable tool in garden maintenance, combining the efficiency of petrol engines with the convenience of battery power. This high-performance brushless motor offers maximum performance, ensuring a longer lifespan and delivering power akin to that of a petrol engine. This gives you a significant advantage when it comes to extensive gardening tasks, operating at higher levels than other battery models.

One of the key aspects of this trimmer is its precision cutting capabilities, thanks to the laser-cut, dual-action blades. These opposing blades ensure clean and precise cuts, greatly enhancing your trimming experience. With a substantial 61 cm cutting length and an impressive 3400 rpm high speed, these blades provide optimal performance, effortlessly tackling various grass types and conditions.

Additional Kress Hedge Trimmer Features

Ergonomics plays a crucial role in the design of the Kress Brushless Hedge Trimmer. It features a multi-angled front handle, which significantly increases comfort across different cutting positions. This thoughtful design element provides both ease of use and adaptability, enabling you to manoeuvre the trimmer comfortably and efficiently in various positions and angles. Because of this, you can reduce strain and fatigue during extended use.

Safety is paramount in any garden tool, and the Kress Battery Grass Trimmer addresses this with its blade tip guard. This feature is crucial for safe operation, especially when you’re cutting near a wall or the ground. It provides an extra layer of protection against potential accidents, ensuring a safer gardening experience.

The trimmer is part of the Kress 60 V battery system, a testament to its compatibility and versatility. This system allows you to use the same high-capacity 60 V max battery across a range of Kress tools, including lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws. This interoperability not only makes the Kress Battery Grass Trimmer a convenient choice but also a cost-effective one, as it eliminates the need for multiple batteries for different tools. The 60 V battery technology matches, and in some aspects, surpasses the performance of a petrol engine, offering a powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative.

Kress Battery Hedger Specs

Item Number: KG262.9


  • Voltage: 60 V


  • Self Levelling Blade Disc
  • Blade Length: 64 cm
  • Cutting Length: 61 cm
  • Maximum Cutting Diameter: 27 mm
  • Tooth Spacing: 34 mm


  • Without Battery: 3.03 kg

Pickup / Delivery of the Kress Battery Hedge Trimmer Canberra

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