Kress Brushless Leaf Blower – 60V

Discover the power of efficiency with the Kress Brushless Leaf Blower, your ultimate garden companion. Engineered with a high-performance brushless motor, it rivals petrol blowers in power while being more eco-friendly and making less noise. Its innovative nozzle adjusts for precise or wide coverage, making it effortless to maintain every corner of your garden. Embrace the freedom of its cordless design and turbo mode for unrivalled performance. Make yard work a breeze with the Kress Brushless Leaf Blower.

NOTE: This product is Machine Unit Only (MUO); battery sold separately.

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Battery Powered Leaf Blower for Sale

The Kress Brushless Leaf Blower stands at the pinnacle of garden tools, offering an unparalleled blend of efficiency and power. This blower’s speed control is just one key aspect where it shines. This feature allows for an easy setting of air speed with the mere push of a button. You can also switch the leaf blower to turbo mode, which causes its performance to surge and surpass petrol equivalents entirely. Best of all, this is done without causing fumes or extreme noise – this blower isn’t just powerful, it’s also convenient and eco-friendly. At the heart of the blower’s design is the high performance brushless motor, a marvel in engineering that elevates this tool above its peers. Unlike traditional brushed motors, this brushless variant harnesses battery power to its fullest, achieving top-tier energy efficiency.

A standout feature of the Kress Brushless Leaf Blower is its dual function nozzle, which effortlessly transitions between spot and wide area blowing. This versatility is extremely helpful when you have different cleaning needs in the yard or garden. Whether it’s more speed or greater air volume you require, just adjust the nozzle to get your perfect results and tackle any conditions with ease. Adding to this adaptability is the high speed axial blower design, which provides high pressure and substantial air volume.

The variable air control nozzle of the Kress Blower introduces an innovative approach to air management. This unique design draws in external air, maximising the air volume. This increase is particularly beneficial when clearing larger areas, as it greatly reduces the time and effort required. The brushless leaf blower design is also extremely user convenient and ergonomic. Its balanced structure ensures easy operation, allowing for longer use without the strain typically associated with less ergonomically designed tools.

Kress Brushless Blower Specs

Item Number: KG560E.9


  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion / Li-Ion
  • Voltage: 60 V


  • Motor Type: Brushless


  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Variable Speed


  • Air Speed: 215 km / h
  • Maximum Air Volume: 1275 m3 / h


If you’re ready to get your hands on this high quality battery blower, make sure you pick up a 2Ah or 4Ah 60v battery on the way!

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