Kress Mega Automower Garage

Discover the ultimate protection for your robotic mower with the Kress Mega Automower Garage. Expertly crafted to withstand harsh weather, from heavy rain to intense heat, this garage ensures your mower’s longevity and performance. Its superior materials and professional soft lining offer unmatched durability and safety for both the mower and the user. With the Kress Mega, safeguard your investment and enjoy peace of mind, no matter the weather.

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Mega RTK Mower Protection Canberra

The Kress Mega Automower Garage is essential for keeping your robotic mower safe, with its intricate design to safeguard against the whims of nature. This robust shelter is a testament to unparalleled durability and reliability, a product of Kress’ unwavering commitment to superior materials and exceptional workmanship.

Imagine your robotic mower braving the outdoors – from torrential downpours to blazing hot days, and gusty winds. The Kress Mega Automower Garage helps to protect your Mega automower against these harsh elements. Its construction will endure heavy rain, effectively shielding your mower from water damage that could otherwise compromise it. Alongside this is its capability to withstand strong winds, ensuring your mower remains stable and secure even in powerfully windy weather.

Beyond its robust exterior, the mower garage uses professional soft materials in its construction. This offers a cushioned environment for your mower, safeguarding it from scratches and dents that could occur in a less forgiving container.

Kress Mega Garage Specifications

Item Number: KA0120


  • Dimensions: 980 x 896 x 441 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg


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