Kress Mega RTK 24000 Automower

Transform your lawn care experience with the Kress Mega RTK 24000 Automower for sale in Canberra. This cutting-edge robotic mower, designed for large areas, features collaborative technology that lets commercial users monitor and operate multiple machines at once and minimise mowing time! Its precision mapping, obstacle avoidance system, and all-terrain wheels ensure a meticulous and efficient trim every time. Enjoy a lush, well-maintained lawn with minimal effort.

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High Quality Professional Robotic Mowers for Sale in Canberra

The Kress Mega RTK 24000 Automower merges cutting-edge technology with a new evolution of landscaping, designed to cater to the needs of commercial users and others managing extremely large areas. The standout feature of this automower is its TeamWork collaborative technology. Through this capability, you no longer need to operate one mower at a time – multiple Mega RTK mowers can coordinate and work alongside each other, working in unison to drastically reduce the overall mowing time. This collaborative approach speeds up the process considerably, providing you with an unparalleled level of efficiency and consistency.

Another key aspect of the Kress Mega RTK 24000, exclusive to this model, is an In-Hub drive motor equipped with all-terrain wheels. These motors are a marvel in engineering, providing a smooth delivery of torque with minimal noise. This feature is crucial for maintaining a serene outdoor environment, especially if you want to minimise noise pollution. Beyond this feature, the RTK 24000’s centimetre-accurate positioning is a testament to the care and proficiency of Kress’s engineering. Unlike traditional mowers, the RTK network of the Kress Mega RTK 24000 delivers correction data to each robot mower, eliminating the need for any GNSS receive antenna in the lawn. This advanced technology ensures that every inch of the lawn is meticulously groomed without any manual intervention or obstruction in your work area.

More About the Kress RTK 24000

The mower’s RBS Regenerative Brake System is another innovative feature. When the mower is operating on a slope, this system converts the kinetic energy into electricity, recharging the battery and extending the runtime. This not only makes the mower energy-efficient but also reduces the frequency of charging interruptions.

This commercial automower’s unique MAP (Mowing Action Plan) technology is another aspect that makes it stand out from the competition. This intelligent system doesn’t mindlessly trim grass until it eventually finishes the job; it calculates the most efficient route and determines the shortest path back to the charging station from any position. As a result, time and energy are never a worry, as this mower will automatically optimise its performance and get the job done in no time. This smart navigation is complemented by its Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS). Unlike traditional mowers that bump into unexpected objects, the OAS detects obstacles and steers the mower clear, ensuring a seamless operation. This is even true mid-mow, so if something that wasn’t in the way becomes a new obstacle the mower will easily detect and avoid it.

Mega RTK 24000 Auto Mower – Additional Features

Maintenance of the Kress Mega RTK 24000 is as effortless as its operation. The washable underbody, with an IPX5 rating, is resistant to sustained water jets, making cleaning a breeze. If you value durability and longevity in your lawn maintenance equipment, you absolutely want to take advantage of this waterproofing and weather resistance. Additionally, the mower’s double-layer blade system is designed to handle dense grass with ease, producing fine clippings even in slightly overgrown areas.

In an era all about connectivity, the IoT functionality of the Kress Mega RTK 24000 is a true game changer. It connects to cellular data and networks for over-the-air software updates, theft protection, and weather-related working schedules. As a result, you can always rest assured that your mower is running optimally, efficiently and securely. The dead reckoning navigation feature is particularly noteworthy. In areas where satellite signals might not be able to reach the mower, its own advanced algorithm uses inertial and odometry data to maintain a good level of accuracy.

The electronic cutting height adjustment of the Kress Mega RTK 24000 is another excellent feature to perfect your lawn aesthetics. It allows for the mower to progressively trim down overgrown grass and adjusts the mowing height according to the season, promoting healthier grass growth. This adaptability is crucial for maintaining a pristine lawn throughout the year, accommodating the varying needs of the grass as the seasons change.

Additionally, the Mission Mega RTK 24000 Automower comes with an advanced anti-theft locking function. If your mower is taken, you can track its location and ensure you can find it no matter where it goes. This provides a sense of security and peace of mind.

Specs of the RTK 24000 Mower from Kress

Item Number: KR236E.1


  • Recommended Cutting Area (Every 48 h): 24000 m2
  • Maximum Cutting Area (Every 72 h): 36000 m2


  • Cut Width: 35 cm
  • Cut Height Adjustment Method: Electronic
  • Blades: 12
  • Self Levelling Blade Disc
  • Logic Cutting Method
  • Cutting Height (Min – Max): 30 – 60 mm
  • Obstacle Avoidance System
  • Forward and Rotating
  • Double Layer Blades
  • Dual Disc
  • Navigation Pattern: Systematic

Battery Specifications

  • Capacity: 10 Ah
  • Voltage: 20 V
  • Side Charge


  • PIN Code
  • Lift Sensor
  • Low Inertia Blades
  • Electric Fence
  • Anti Theft System
  • Auto Lock

Weight and Size

  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 762 x 555 x 296 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg

User Interface

  • App
  • Display: LCD


  • 4G


  • Over the Air (OTA) Updates
  • USB

General Specs

  • TeamWork Management System
  • Maximum Slope: 40 %
  • Sound Level Perceived: 62 dB
  • Water Protection Index: IPX5
  • Weather Resistance: Included
  • Hose Cleaning Possible
  • In-Wheel Motor Included
  • Quick Return System
  • Front Wheels: 2

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