Kress RTK 5000 Robotic Lawnmower

Discover the future of lawn care with the Kress RTK 5000 Robotic Lawnmower, perfectly suited for lawns up to 5000 m2 (and capable of cutting up to 7000 m2 lawns!). This revolutionary mower blends precision technology with intelligent design, ensuring your lawn is maintained effortlessly and efficiently. Experience the peace of mind that comes with advanced obstacle avoidance and regenerative braking, all while enjoying a pristine, perfectly trimmed lawn. Embrace the ease of automation and elevate your garden’s beauty with the Kress Mission RTK 5000. Transform your lawn care experience today!

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Powerful Robot Mower for Sale

At the core of the Kress RTK 5000 Robotic Lawnmower, you will find ground-breaking RTK network technology, offering high precision positioning accuracy and automatic route optimisation. The centimetre-level precision doesn’t require any antennae on your lawn, ensuring a seamless and unobtrusive operation. Additionally, the mower’s intelligent Mowing Action Plan (MAP) technology is a game changer, automatically determining the most efficient mowing route. But this smart system doesn’t just calculate the quickest path to get the job done – it also identifies and takes the shortest route back to its charging station, optimising both time and energy.

If you have different grass types or maintenance needs across your lawn, the RTK 5000 has your back with its precise multi-zone management system. This allows for the independent and meticulous care of each zone of your lawn, ensuring that every inch receives the attention it deserves. The mower’s advanced Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS) is yet another significant upgrade in lawn care technology courtesy of Kress. Unlike traditional mowers, the RTK 5000 Robotic Lawnmower intelligently detects obstacles and navigates around them, eliminating the risk of collisions and ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted mowing experience.

Energy efficiency is another area where the Kress Mission RTK 5000 excels. Its Regenerative Brake System (RBS) is a remarkable feature that captures kinetic energy during downhill runs, converting it into electricity to recharge the battery. This not only extends the mower’s runtime but also contributes to its overall energy efficiency.

User Convenience in the Kress RTK 5000 Automower

The RTK 500 Robotic Lawnmower features a robust and practical design. One example of this is its washable underbody with an IPX5 rating, capable of withstanding sustained water jets. This not only makes maintenance easy but also ensures long-term durability in various weather conditions. The double-layer blade system is a testament to its thoughtful design, effectively reducing load in dense grass and ensuring fine clippings, even in slightly overgrown conditions.

Features like the electronic cutting height adjustment, which progressively trims overgrown grass to a desired height, further emphasise user convenience. The cutting adjustment is also adaptive, enabling the RTK 5000 to adjust the mowing height according to seasonal changes. This in turn promotes healthier grass growth. The auto-levelling cutting system disc is another innovative addition, automatically adjusting the blade clearance to accommodate terrain unevenness. By doing this, the Kress 5000 mower can prevent scalping of the turf.

The anti-theft locking function adds an extra layer of security, letting you track its location in the event of theft. Additionally, the mower’s dead reckoning navigation ensures accuracy even in areas where trees or buildings obstruct the satellite signals. This is all thanks to Kress’s sophisticated algorithm, which processes inertial and odometry data to ensure consistent performance.

In today’s connected world, full IoT functionality is a must, and the Kress Mission RTK 5000 doesn’t disappoint. It seamlessly connects to cellular data and networks alike, enabling OTA software updates, theft protection, and weather-related work schedules. This integration ensures that your mower is always up-to-date with the latest software and operating at its best at all times, rain or shine.

Kress Specifications for Mission RTK 5000 Robot Mower

Charging & Batteries

  • Battery Capacity: 6 Ah
  • Battery Voltage: 20 V
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion / Lithium-Ion
  • Side Charge


  • Recommended Cutting Area (Every 48 hrs): 5000 m2
  • Maximum Cutting Area (Every 72 hrs): 7000 m2


  • PIN Code
  • Lift Sensor
  • Low Inertia Blades
  • Electric Fence
  • Anti-Theft Systems
  • Auto Lock

Cutting Performance

  • Width: 22 cm
  • Height (Min-Max): 30-60 mm
  • Electronic Cutting Height Adjustment
  • 6 Cutting Blades
  • Self-Levelling Blade Disc
  • Logic Cutting Methods
  • Obstacle Avoidance System
  • Forward and Rotating
  • Double Layer Blades
  • Systematic Navigation Pattern

Upgrades, Software Updates

  • OTA (Over-The-Air)
  • USB

Weight & Dimensions

  • Length: 647 mm
  • Width: 470 mm
  • Height: 290 mm
  • Weight: 12.6 kg

Basic Specs

  • Max Slope: 40 %
  • Perceived Level of Sound: 61 dB
  • Front Wheels: 2
  • Weather Resistance: IPX5 Water Protection Index
  • Hose Cleaning
  • Quick Return

User Interface

  • App
  • LCD Display


  • 4G

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