Large Cargo Net – Gladiator


This high quality Gladiator cargo net is made to last with its great rip stop mesh qualities. Because the Gladiator Large Cargo Net is made of rip stop mesh with industrial strength, it will not keep tearing even if the material is punctured. With this great net from Gladiator, you can confidently secure your cargo, whether large or small, and know that it will be kept safe!

Large Cargo Net – Gladiator

Eliminate the risk of a hefty fine and reduce your chances of losing cargo by keeping your loads covered and secured with the Gladiator Cargo Net. Used by large and small fleets all across the country it is the highest rated cargo net on the market. It has earned this by being easy to use, incredibly strong and durable.

The meshing makes the net smooth on one side preventing snags when securing your cargo as well as containing smaller items. Each mesh thread is comprised of thousands of smaller threads and then coated giving it incredibly strong rip-stop properties.

The Gladiator Cargo Net is built from weatherproofed, heavy-duty 1.5” webbing rated at 544kg per inch with triple-layered reinforced edges. This is what gives the net its ability to safely secure large cargo loads and take the abuse of commercial use.

Along the perimeter of the cargo net are grommet attachment points. These serve three main purposes:

1. Larger sizes can naturally be made smaller

2. Creates a tighter angle for odd loads

3. Secures at multiple points

This cargo net comes with six hardware straps and a heavy duty storage bag. The hardware hooks are rubber coated so that they will not scratch your vehicle.

Item no: LGN-300