Lawnmower for Sale – LC219P Push Mower – Husqvarna

Husqvarna lawnmowers are known for the long term reliability and affordability. The Husqvarna LC219P 4 stroke Lawnmower is no exception.

It is the next model up from the Husqvarna LC118 push mower and offers additional features such as a larger cutting deck, more powerful engine, ten different cutting heights along with a mulch insert for the ultimate offer in versatility.

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Lawnmower for Sale – Husqvarna LC219P 4 Stroke Push Mower

The LC 219P lawnmower gives you the larger 46cm (or 19 inch) cutting platform and is designed to tackle both smooth and rough terrain. Suitable for use for both homeowners who need to regularly maintain their gardens and professional landscapers looking for a superior cutting finish.

The four durable blades will make light work of whatever stands in their way, powered by the four-stroke engine. But there are plenty more features which you can read about in more detail below.

Husqvarna LC219P -4 Stroke Lawnmower Features

This lawnmower for sale has been built with durability in mind. Each component of the model has been purposefully designed to withstand wear and tear. Its robust mechanisms won’t slow your lawn cutting down, as a result of the manoeuvrability of the model. Because of this excellent design, it is one of the most desirable in Husqvarna’s range.

The cutting deck on the LC219P lawn mower uses high tensile steel in its construction. The deck is supported by dual ball-bearing wheels that are also steadied by the locking nuts.

No matter what kind of finish you’re after, the 10 different variable settings of this 4 stroke lawnmower will make achieving the look you want easy. Unlike with most other lawnmowers which leave behind foliage and grass clipping, this Husqvarna push mower has a big enough collector tray to make sure you won’t leave a trail of clippings behind.

The trademarked BioClip feature allows you to operate these push lawnmowers in two different modes; either collecting or mulching.

A Lawnmower with a User Friendly Design

As well as getting the job done quickly and effectively, this Husqvarna Lawnmower is also built to make your job easy. The handle rests at the perfect angle and height to allow you to use the push mower for hours at a time without feeling the pressure on your wrists, arms and shoulders.

The comfort grips make sure you have a firm grasp on the handle, as well as minimising the amount of vibrations transferred to your wrists.

When it comes to transporting these lawnmowers or storing them, the fully collapsible handle comes in handy by making the mower compact – taking up minimal space. In one simple and swift action you will be able to fold away the cordless lawnmower into the corner. The quick action cam lock will also help you to stow away your mower in a matter of minutes.

Husqvarna Mower Specifications

Efficient cutting: The precision cutting deck design and four swing back blades of Husqvarna mowers provide a smooth and efficient cut that will fill the catcher completely.

Heavy duty cutting deck with steel cutting height segment. U shaped lower handle support and dual ball bearing wheels secured by locking nuts ensures durability in even the toughest conditions.

Two-in-one cutting system: Collection and BioClip® (mulching). 

Large easy to handle collector.

  • Motor/engine: HS166A
  • Power output: 2.75 kW
  • Cylinder displacement: 166 cm³
  • Fuel tank volume (with reserve): 1L
  • Collector: Type – Rigid box; Volume – 44 L
  • Steel cutting deck
  • Rims, material: Plastic
  • Sound pressure level at operators ear: 81 dB(A)


  • Methods: Collection/BioClip®
  • Width: 19 inches / 48cm
  • Height: Max 80 mm ; Min 12 mm
  • Steps: 10

Item Number: 970 46 10-01, 970461001

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