Bricklaying Line Pin – OX Tools


OX Tools’ Bricklaying Line Pins make it easier than ever to align your brick lines. The bricklaying linepins from OX Tools feature a taper ground point and edges, giving them increased penetration into a brick course. These pro line pins are also designed to last you a long time. They are chrome plated, and made from single pieces of drop forged steel, which combined give the linepins increased durability and strength. These OX Pins can be used time and time again, level after level.

OX Tools Bricklaying Line Pin for sale in Canberra

Keep your work aligned with OX Pro Line Pins. Hammer the pin in opposite ends of your brick course ensuring each line pin is level with one another. When positioning the line pins keep in mind that the string lines need to run along the top corner of the bricks you are currently laying. Suspend the string line between the two OX pins and use that as your horizontal guide.

  • One piece drop forged steel for greater strength and resistance
  • Large head for increased strike zone
  • Point and edges are all taper ground to better penetrate brick course
  • Chrome plated for extended lifetime

Item Number: OX-P100101