Log Horse with Chainsaw Holder

If you looking to make your sawing experience simpler and more comfortable than ever, you’re sure to love this excellent log horse with a built in chainsaw holder! With solid bars on either side of the log keeping it secure, and a galvanised design to avoid corrosion and rust, this is a durable and effective accessory that lets you get the job done. And best of all, the chainsaw holder relieves you of the chainsaw’s weight while you work, keeping you comfortable without compromising on cut quality. Assembly required.

RRP: $130. Contact us on 02 6242 8996 to discuss and/or purchase this item or to get a delivery quote.

Professional Log Horse for sale in Canberra

Did you know that the “V” shaped groove in a sawhorse keeps your log stable while you make the cut? In the case of this particular saw horse the solid sides of the groove ensure the log makes as little movement as possible. At the same time, the smooth groove sides let you slide the log further along as you make each cut. As a result, you can get through each log just that extra bit faster, improving your productivity.

The best thing about this saw horse is the chainsaw holder, which massively improves your cutting experience. You can easily insert the chainsaw inside the sheath and clamp it into place. This positions the chainsaw right next to the edge of the log holder. When you’re ready to go, just start up the chainsaw and move it up and down to cut! Because of this design, you can cut through each log more quickly, while avoiding the constant straining and bending that comes with holding the saw yourself. Plus, the sheath doubles as a guard, protecting yourself and the chainsaw while also preventing kickback.

Other Features of this High Quality Log Holder

If you need to cut a different length of log, that’s not a problem! Because this sawhorse comes with an adjustable measuring bar, you can cut your logs to very precise lengths and get the same cut every time! Additionally, you can adjust the log holder based on the size of the log on hand, to make everything easier.

With an easy assembly process and a high quality, galvanised exterior, you can quickly get going with this log horse, and get the most out of it for plenty of time to come.


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