The Longhammer – Nail punch and Hammer combination tool


The Long Hammer is an awesome new hammer and nail punch combination tool. It is a “must have” in your toolbox for professional tradies. This all in one tool pays for itself, as it saves time on the job while also just making it less awkward and much easier.

The Longhammer is a hammer and nail punch in one tool!

Ever been frustrated in getting the right hammering access through the formwork?

Or couldn’t you reach high enough to get that nail driven in?

Traditional nail punches are good if you have the reach and room to move and maneuver a hammer. But they are limited in that they are difficult where access is tight, or you need to get those nails in just outside of your reach. It can also be easier said than done to find both a hammer and a punch in the tray of your ute!

With the Long Hammer, you don’t need to stress anymore! This fantastic tool is both a hammer and a nail punch all in one, so it can make your job easier while also saving you time on the site.

How to use the Longhammer

All you have to do is place the nail on the magnetic hammer tip, pull back the handle and punch it in. You can nail up, down or sideways, and reach in places where you can’t swing a hammer. If you have any narrow gaps, recesses, or form work that you can slide a long stick through, then you can nail it in the with the Long Hammer XL.

You no longer need to worry about slamming your fingers when swinging a hammer in tight spaces. The butt-end plunger does all that for you, with a simple sliding movement.

The Long hammer Specifications:

Designed to nail in hard to reach places,

Will hammer all nails up to 75mm long

Developed and extensively tested in the Australian construction industry

Choose from Long Hammer XL or Long Hammer M:

The Long Hammer XL (yellow): For flat head nails up to 75mm (3 inch) long

The Long Hammer M (orange): For small head nails 25mm to 75mm (3 inch) long


Also known as Pea Shooter, Slide hammer and Nail Slide

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Product Type

Long Hammer M, Long Hammer XL