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These Man Mack Sunglasses are great quality and will protect your eyes on the construction site. They are tough on the job, not only protecting your eyes, they have shatterproof lenses and medium impact protection. The lenses of all Mack Sunglasses have a UV400 protection so you know you are protected from the Australian sun’s harmful rays. And you don’t have to skimp on fashion just because they are your every day protective eyewear. With simple elegance, smoke lenses, and dark black frame design that won’t show the dirt, it’s no wonder that these Mack Sunglasses are one of the most popular of their range!

Mack Sunglasses Protection

You know how easy it is for something to fly into your eye when you are outdoors, especially if you are a construction worker. The last thing you want is to loose your vision or have long term health issues from not wearing something as simple as protective eyewear.

There is nothing worse when your glasses fog up, so Mack has ensured that their safety glasses for sale have anti fog properties. Also their lenses have been treated to make them tougher with an anti scratch coating.

Specifications of the Man safety glasses by Mack eyewear.

– UV400 protection for outdoor wear

– Wrap-around frame for increased work site protection

– Anti fog and anti scratch coatings for increased comfort

– Black Frame, Smoke Lens

Other styles Available

We offer a variety of quality safety glasses online at great prices! You can buy products which have been tried and tested. If this is not the style you want we have various styles and colours of Mack Sunglasses for sale online in our store. Just visit to our protective eyewear range.


Item Number: ME507

Also known as Protective Eyewear and Protective Glasses