Trowels with Round Ends and Long Support Rib – MasterFinish


These Trowels from Master Finish feature ends with a bit of flexibility, and a long spine, which together make them ideal for finishing repair mortars by feathering edges. The MasterFinish Trowels also have rounded edges, which make them best suited for curved surfaces, such as in kerbs and pools. MasterFinish’s Long Rib Pool Trowels are made of a steel spine with a centralised handle, and a steel blade that is thin and flexible.

MasterFinish – Marble Steel Sheen Trowels with Round Ends, Long Support Rib

Steel trowel with rounded ends and flexibility for trowelling curved surfaces in pools and kerbs. Originally developed for use on marble sheen finishing in swimming pools, the blade is allowed to flex with longer support rib for greater rigidity in the blade.

Made in Australia

Choose from:

  • MF122S, 450mm with 330mm Support Rib
  • MF126S, 555mmm with 380mm Support Rib

Also known as Pool Trowels

Product Type

MF122S, MF126S