Marble Steel Sheen Trowels with Round Ends – MasterFinish


These Steel Trowels from MasterFinish have rounded ends and built in flexibility, for trowelling curved surfaces in pools and kerbs. Originally developed for use on marble sheen finishing in swimming pools, the blade is allowed to flex with only a short support rib. We have a handful of different sizes of these pool trowels for sale, giving you the choice you want to get the trowel you need!

Master Finish – Round Ended Marble Steel Sheen Trowels for sale

Made in Australia

Choose from:

  • MF120A 300mm
  • MF121A 350mm
  • MF122A 450mm
  • MF126A 555mm

Also known as Pool Trowels

Product Type

MF120A, MF121A, MF122A, MF126A