Max Zentro SDS MAX Masonry Drill Bits – Alpha


Alpha SDS Max Zentro Masonry Drill Bits are designed for precise and high quality drilled holes thanks to their unique head design and carbide tip, giving you the best performance. These drill bits are made for use with SDS hammer drills, and are best suited for REO concrete and other masonry jobs and surfaces. We have a variety of sizes for these masonry bits for sale, so you’re sure to find the bit that’s perfect for your needs!

Alpha – Max Zentro SDS MAX Masonry Drill Bits in Canberra

  • SDS MAX design
  • High quality German design for maximum performance
  • Zentro head geometry for precise holes
  • Ideal for REO concrete and other masonry surfaces
  • Secondary cutters protect the drill bit in the event of reinforcement collision
  • Flute is strengthened to for lowered vibrations while drilling
  • Maximum energy transfer, Excellent performance, Long Life SDS MAX


Contact us on 02 6242 8996 if you need a size not listed below:

  • SXZ14540 (14.0 x 540mm)
  • SXZ16540 (16.0 x 540mm)
  • SXZ18540 (18.0 x 540mm)
  • SXZ20520 (20.0 x 520mm)
  • SXZ22520 (22.0 x 520mm)
  • SXZ24320 (24.0 x 320mm)
  • SXZ25520 (25.0 x 520mm)
Product Type

SXZ14540, SXZ16540, SXZ18540, SXZ20520, SXZ22520, SXZ24320, SXZ25520