Mortar Raking Diamond Bit


Upgrade your mortar raking game with a mortar raking bit! It is decked it out with high-quality diamonds directly fused to the cutting edge for maximum durability and effectiveness. Plus, it’s a breeze to attach to your mini angle grinder thanks to the handy M14 fitting. It makes raking perps so much simpler.

Diamond Mortar Raking Bits – Australia Wide Delivery

When it comes to tackling those pesky vertical joints, a mortar raking bit is your ultimate ally. Unlike traditional blades that are much better suited to long horizontal joints, our bit is specially designed to make vertical joint work a breeze. The precision-engineered construction and high-quality diamond edge of this perp mortar bit ensures smooth and efficient cutting, even on those hard-to-reach vertical surfaces. So whether you’re working on repointing projects or intricate stonework, you can count on our bit to get the job done with ease and precision. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to effortless vertical joint work with a mortar raking bit!

Pair it up with a tuck pointing blade, and you’ve got a powerhouse duo ready to tackle any task. No more struggling with tricky vertical joints or delicate natural stone—you’ll breeze through those jobs without risking damage to your brickwork or precious stone.

It’s M14 fitting ensures compatibility with a variety of angle grinders, providing versatility and ease of use. This standardized fitting means enables seamless integration with your existing equipment, eliminating the need for specialized tools or accessories. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, having a compatible fitting simplifies the setup process and enhances the overall user experience.

What Diamond Raking Bit Do You Need?

Got some repointing to do? The 25mm mortar raking bit’s your best bet for getting things prepped just right. And when you need to get behind pipes or take out whole bricks, reach for the longer 100mm bit—it’s your go-to for those tougher spots.

Don’t settle for less—it’s quality, precision, and ease of use rolled into one awesome tool!

Specifications of our Diamond Mortar Raking Bits:

Choose from:

  • 8x25mm: Diameter 8mm,Work length 25mm,Total Length 55mm, M14 thread
  • 8x100mm: Diameter 8mm,Work length 100mm,Total Length 130mm, M14 thread

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2 X 8mmx100mm Bits, 2x 8mmx25mm Bits, 8mm x 100mm, 8mm x 25mm, 8mm x 25mm AND 8mm x 25mm, 8mmx25mm AND 8mmx100mm