MP70 Vibrating Plate Compactor- Wacker Neuson

The MP70 Vibrating Plate is ideal for the compaction of sand, crushed rock, granular materials and segmental brick paving. The MP 70 Vibrating Plate is a general purpose, lighweight model ideal for easy transporting. Perfect for Landscapers, Builders and DIY use.

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MP70 Vibrating Plate Compactor – Wacker Neuson

The vibration action and weight of the vibratory plate compactor effectively and easily compacts soil, and gravel travelling up to 30 m per minute! It has a centrally mounted, fully enclosed exciter for an even spread of compactive force over the whole base plate

Compacting with Comfort in Mind

Plate compactors are fairly easy to use. That said, there are key things to think awhile operating the vibrating plate.

This Wacker Compactor looks after you with its vibration isolated handle. You want to vibrate all the airpockets from the soil – not yourself. This handy feature really is important for ensuring you can get the job done in maximum comfort by reducing fatigueand strain. Another feature for comfort is the compactors reversible handle, so instead of trying to manoeuvre the machine around you can just flip the handle over. The throttle control of this packer is placed in easy use right on the handle and gives you greater control over the machine.

We all know that transport of machinery is a big consideration for any tradie. That’s why this vibrating plate compactor comes with conveniently placed lifting handles and a central lifting point for safe and easy handling

Specifications of the Wacker Neuson MP70 Compaction Machines:

– Maximum output power: 4.2kW

– Displacement: 179cm³

– Centrifugal force: 15kN

– Drive engine: air-cooled, single cylinder, 4 stroke petrol engine

– Forward travel speed (depending on soil): up to 30m/min

– Compacted area speed (depending on soil): up to 830m²/h

– Gradeability (depending on soil): 35%

– Fuel consumption: 1.27l/h

– Tank capacity: 3.6L

– Base plate (L x W): 610mm x 460mm

– Dimensions (L x W x H): 1100 x 460 x 660mm

– Weight (without fuel): 76kg

Want to know more about these vibrating machines? To learn more about the best plate compactor for you, or if you just have a few questions, be sure to contact our team. Email or call 02 6242 8996 so we can help you out!

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