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Unlock the potential of your construction projects with the Mikasa MTR-40H Tamping Rammer. Designed for excellence, this powerhouse boasts a reliable Honda GX100 4-stroke engine, guaranteeing seamless operation with minimal emissions. Say goodbye to operator fatigue, thanks to its low vibration handles and compact design that excels in confined spaces. Safety is paramount, with features like the central lifting hook and engine protection bar. Invest in the MTR40H today and witness a new era of efficient, comfortable, and enduring compaction.

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3 hp Jumping Jack Rammer Canberra

One standout feature of the Mikasa MTR-40H tamping rammer is its low vibration handles, significantly reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Prolonged use on the job site is now more comfortable than ever, thanks to this thoughtful design. The reduction in hand and arm vibration transfer to the operator, achieved through the Vibration Absorbing System, ensures that your team can work efficiently and without unnecessary strain.

At the heart of the 40H is a Honda GX100 4-stroke engine, renowned for its reliability and performance. This powerhouse engine ensures hassle-free operation and minimal emissions, aligning perfectly with modern environmental standards. With the Mikasa MTR-40H from Flextool, you not only get exceptional compaction but also peace of mind knowing that you are using an eco-friendly machine.

Durability and longevity are paramount when considering construction equipment, and the MTR 40H jumping jack compactor doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a quality four-stage air filtration system that not only extends service intervals but also provides superior engine protection. Your investment is safeguarded, as this system ensures your tamping rammer stays in optimal condition for longer, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

User Convenience Features of MTR40H Upright Rammer

Compactness is a key characteristic of the MTR40H Tamping Rammer, making it a breeze to transport and manoeuvre on the job site. The machine’s compact design not only aids in operator comfort but also enhances overall productivity. The special narrow foot design further facilitates navigation in challenging job site conditions, such as tight spaces alongside walls and within sewer pipes. With this tamping rammer, you’ll effortlessly reach areas that were previously hard to access, making it a versatile addition to your equipment fleet.

Safety is a priority on any job site, which is why the Mikasa MTR-40H jumping jack from Flextool includes several features to keep your work secure. The central lifting hook simplifies onsite handling, making it easy and safe to transport and position the machine where it’s needed most. Additionally, an extra lifting handle has been thoughtfully integrated, further assisting with lifting and moving around the job site. These features not only enhance productivity but also contribute to a safer work environment.

Engine protection is another hallmark of the Mikasa MTR-40H. The engine protection bar is strategically placed to prevent damage to critical engine components, ensuring the longevity of your investment. With this robust protection in place, you can confidently tackle tough jobs without worrying about costly repairs.

If you are looking to take your concreting compaction to the next level, the MTR-40H Tamping Rammer is your superior solution. Between the powerful Honda GX100 engine, low vibration handles, compact design, and safety features, it offers unbeatable performance and resilience. Whether you’re working in confined spaces, tackling high-clay-content soils, or navigating narrow job sites, this tamping rammer is your trusted partner for achieving hard-hitting compaction results.

MTR 40H Tamping Rammer Specs

Item Number: FT201691-UNIT


  • Operating Weight: 46 kg
  • Shoe Size (w x l): 100 x 270 mm


  • Jumping Stroke: 40 – 55 mm
  • Impact Rate: 644 – 695 blows / m
  • Maximum Impact Force: 5.4 kN
  • Average Travel Speed: 10 – 12 m / min
  • Average Compaction Depth: 20 – 30 cm

Engine and Fuel

  • Engine Make: Honda
  • Engine Model: GX100
  • Maximum Rated Power: 3 hp
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 L


  • Average Hand Arm Vibration (HAV): 17.9 m / s2

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The Mikasa MTR-40H Tamping Rammer is the way to go if you need a reliable and powerful rammer for efficient compaction on your construction projects. Here at Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers, our experienced shop staff delivers top-notch construction equipment such as the MTR-40H. To discover more about this robust machine, simply reach out to us at 02 6242 8996 to chat with our customer service team. They’re here to assist you with any inquiries you may have, and to help you find the optimal rammer for your needs and budget. Alternatively, to get an in person look at these high quality rammers, why not stop by our physical shop in Mitchell? You can pop in, say hi to the team and explore the features and advantages of the MTR40H up close.

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