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Elevate your construction game with the MVC T100D Forward Compactor. Designed to power through granular soils and asphalt with ease, this compact yet mighty machine boasts a Yanmar L48 engine for optimal performance. Its robust build and user-friendly features ensure efficient compaction in confined spaces, while the optional transport wheel kit enhances manoeuvrability. Don’t settle for less – choose the MVC-T100D and experience a new level of construction prowess.

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Diesel Forward Plate Compactor for Sale Canberra

The MVC T100D Forward Compactor is a shining example of premium compaction machinery, setting the gold standard for compacting granular soils and asphalt. This high quality vibratory plate boasts a robust and enduring design that provides both reliability and superior build quality. The T100D optimises operator comfort and gives you exceptional compaction performance and results. As the only diesel model in Flextool’s high quality Mikasa lineup, it delivers high powered results each and every time.

At the heart of this compaction powerhouse lies the formidable Yanmar L48 engine, a testament to Flextool’s commitment to excellence. The Yanmar L48 not only offers simple and hassle free operation, but also minimised fuel consumption and long-term reliability. As a result, your compaction tasks are not only efficient but also cost effective in the long run.

One standout feature of the MVC-T100D is its versatility, making it an indispensable tool for a wide array of applications. Its agility shines in confined spaces, where other machines may struggle to tread. It can easily compact thin layers such as granular soils, gravel, road base, and asphalt. No matter the surface, it leaves behind a finely compacted surface that meets the highest standards. This means that you can trust the T100D to get the job done smoothly, and provide you with perfect results.

Additional MVC T100D Features

To further fortify the longevity of the MVCT100D, Flextool has thoughtfully integrated a sealed clutch and belt guard into the design. This invaluable addition acts as a formidable shield against the ingress of dust and other undesirable materials that could otherwise prematurely wear out critical clutch components and the V-belt, ensuring that your compactor remains in peak working condition for years to come.

Flextool also recognizes the importance of maintaining a clean and safe working environment. To better enable this aspect of your work, the MVC-T100D comes equipped with a clip-on water tank. As a result, you can more easily suppress dust during asphalt works, creating a healthier and more comfortable atmosphere for operators. Another feature of the T100D that emphasises safety is the central lifting hook. Thanks to this inclusion, you can easily and securely perform onsite handling of the compactor, reducing the risk associated with lifting and moving heavy machinery. This feature exemplifies Flextool’s unwavering commitment to both the efficiency and safety of its users.

Transporting the MVC-T100D to various worksites is a breeze, thanks to the optional transport wheel kit. This kit not only simplifies transportation logistics but also enhances onsite manoeuvrability, allowing you to swiftly and safely position the compactor precisely where it’s needed.

Specifications – MVCT100D Plate Compactor

Item Number: FT2T100D-UNIT

Compaction Performance

  • Centrifugal Force (Maximum): 15 kN
  • Frequency of Vibration: 6,000 vpm
  • Travel Speed (Max): 25 m / min
  • Gradeability (Maximum): 35 %
  • Max Compacted Area: 750 m2 / h

Engine and Power

  • Engine Make / Model: Yanmar L48
  • Max Power Rating: 4.7 hp
  • Power / Fuel Type: Diesel

Product Dimensions

  • Operating Weight: 103 kg
  • Plate Size (Width x Length): 500 x 525 mm


  • Lifting Hook Included
  • Wheel Kit (Optional) Included
  • Water Tank Included

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