MVCF80H Vibratory Plate – Flextool

Discover the power of precision compaction with the MVC-F80H Vibratory Plate. Engineered for professionals who demand top-notch performance, this compact and portable compactor is your key to achieving flawless results on granular soils and asphalt. With a robust design, folding handle, and foldaway wheel kit, it’s your trusted companion for navigating tight spaces and delivering superior compaction effortlessly. Elevate your construction game with the MVC-F80H and experience efficiency like never before.

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High Quality Forward Plate Compactor for Sale

The Mikasa MVCF80H Vibratory Plate is the next stage in compacting excellence, setting a new industry standard for achieving flawless compaction results in granular soils and asphalt. Portability and manoeuvrability are at the forefront of the MVC-F80H’s design. With a folding handle and wheel kit, it effortlessly navigates even the most challenging job sites. Whether you’re working in confined spaces or need to compact thin layers of granular soils, gravel, road base, or asphalt, this machine rises to the occasion. Durability is another key feature of the MVC F80H forward compactor, bringing in a robust build quality, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use and providing unmatched longevity. Additionally, the sealed clutch and belt guard offer essential protection against dust and other debris that can prematurely wear out critical clutch components and V-belt, further enhancing its lifespan.

Another key area where the MVCF80H vibratory plate excels is safety, a major priority for any worker. This is thanks to two helpful accessories included with the F80H, a wheel kit and a lifting hook. The built-in foldaway transport wheel kit enables easy and secure manoeuvring, while the central lifting hook ensures safe onsite handling. These features contribute to a smoother and more efficient workflow, reducing the risk of accidents.

To maximise onsite performance, the MVCF80H uses the powerful Honda HX160 engine. This 4-stroke engine is easy to use and has a low emission rating. As a result, you can achieve outstanding compaction results while minimizing your carbon footprint, making it a responsible choice for both your projects and the environment. The MVC-F80H vibratory plate compactor also has an optional clip-on water tank. This lets you minimise dust kickup, keeping the job site clean and safe.

Specifications – MVC-F80H Vibratory Plate

Item Number: FT272786-UNIT


  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Make + Model: Honda GX160
  • Max Power Rating: 5.5 hp


  • Centrifugal Force (Max): 13.7 kN
  • Gradeability (Max): 35 %
  • Maximum Compacted Area: 675 m2 / h
  • Vibration Frequency: 5,600 vpm


  • Operating Weight: 81 kg
  • Plate Size (W x L): 450 x 570 mm


  • Lifting Hook
  • Water Tank (Optional, Clip On)
  • Wheel Kit

Ask Us About The MVC F80H Compactor!

If you want to get perfect compacting results, and you need a dependable and efficient compactor to get the job done, the MVCF80H vibratory plate is the tool for you! This high quality plate compactor, available right now from Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers, is sure to deliver the results you want and deserve on granular soils and asphalt. To learn more about this powerful machine, connect with our staff at 02 6242 8996, or stop by our Mitchell shop for an up-close look. Talk with the team in person and browse our full range of the best vibratory plates Mitchell has to offer. Whether you want to learn more about the F80H, or examine alternative models to suit your needs, we can give you a hand.

Ready to get your hands on this high quality plate compactor, but can’t make it in for pickup from the shop? There’s no need to worry – with CDBS, you’re still covered for delivery! We provide excellent delivery services for the MVCF80H vibratory plate Canberra wide, from nearby Gungahlin to southbound Tuggeranong. We even serve surrounding regions, including but not limited to Bungendore, Royalla, Yass, and Queanbeyan. All you need to do is dial 02 6242 8996 or send us an email, let us know what you’re after, and you’re done! Once we have that information, we can sort out your delivery quote.

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