Top Profile Clamp Nail-On attachment 25mm – BT Engineering


This Nail On Bracket is designed for the BT Engineering Top Steady Straight Sliding Clamp, so you can get the most accurate and efficient profiles. You can simply attach the Nail On attachments by sliding them across the Top Straight Tube until you get to the right position. When you want to secure your profile, just nail the attachments to the corners of your building frame, whether internal or external. These Nail On Brackets from BT will help your Straight Sliding Clamp turn profiling into a quick, one man job.

Top Profile Clamp Nail-On attachment 25mm – BT Engineering

This is the Nail-On attachment that fits onto the Top Profile Clamp (Straight Sliding)

  • Suited for the 25mm Top Straight Tube
  • Easy to attach, just slide across tube until desired position
  • Easy to use – nail to intended corners
  • Plated with zinc to prevent corrosion

Made in Australia

Item Number: TOP25N / TOP 25 N

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