Nail On G Clamp – BT Engineering


The BT Engineering Nail On G Clamps are the perfect tool for not only full brick and half brick, but half block as well! There’s no longer any need to plug chisel – you can just tap the nail into the mortar or perp joint you’re working on. These BT Nail On Clamps are reliable and durable thanks to their domed washers, zinc plating, and secure inserts. These Australian-made GClamps also include concrete nails.

BT Engineering – Nail On G Clamps for sale

  • No more plug chiselling the joint, just tap the nail in
  • Suited for full brick, half brick, half block
  • Securely fastened insert
  • Domed washer
  • Zinc plated to protect against corrosion
  • Comes with concrete nails
  • Made in Australia

Item Number: BT GCN